Iguazu Falls

In this article of the Iguazu waterfalls I will tell you how you can visit them for free, how much they cost, how much time you need to see them, where to stay and how to get to them. If you dare to visit them, you will understand why Argentines and Brazilians feel so proud of it.

The Iguazú Falls are located in Argentina (80%) and Brazil (20%), specifically within the Iguazú National Reserve, which, together with the Iguazú National Park, occupy an area of ​​approximately 68,000 ha. They were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984 (Argentine side) and 1986 (Brazilian side) and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls

Once you read the article, we recommend you take a look at our post about the 7 best places what to see in argentina and also our post about the route through Argentina since you will find all the necessary information to properly organize your trip. Without further ado, we tell you everything you need to know to visit the iguazu falls in Argentina and/or Brazil.

How to get to the Iguazú Falls?

Las Iguazu Falls It was the first place I decided to visit on my 20-day trip. Although there are several ways to get there, I will tell you how I got there because I consider it the best option. The best way to visit them is by staying in Puerto Iguazú (Argentina) or in Foz do Iguazú (Brazil).

The easiest option is to get to Puerto Iguazú by plane from Buenos Aires. Since there are no flights to Puerto Iguazú from the Ezeiza airport (where I arrived directly from Madrid), I took a company bus Manuel Tienda Leon (45 ARS) to Jorge Newbery airport (better known as Aeroparque) to fly to Iguazú. You can book a transfer from one airport to another here.

Iguazu Falls in Argentina
Iguazu Falls

Already at the Iguazú airport I got on a transfer from Four Tourist Travel (FTT) for 15 ARS to get to the hotel in Puerto Iguazú that I had reserved. You can book this same transfer directly at are the webbeing advisable to book tickets at least 1-2 days in advance.

Where to sleep to visit the Iguazú Falls?

As I said, to visit the Iguazu Falls The ideal is to sleep in Puerto Iguazú (Argentina) or Foz de Iguazú (Brazil). We have reserved a private room from Spain at the Marcopolo Inn hostel for 130 ARS, in the heart of Puerto Iguazú. It was the first and the worst of all the accommodations, so I do not recommend it. They speak wonders of Iguazu Nature Hostal for its excellent location and good value for money. Take a look at the link in case you are interested in booking it. In this hotel list I leave you with other interesting accommodation options in Puerto Iguazú.

How to visit the Iguazú National Park?

The first thing you have to decide is whether to visit the iguzu falls from the Argentine side, from the Brazilian side or from both. I recommend visiting them on both sides and in two days, just what I did. In both places the visits are made by dirt or asphalt roads or by metal walkways integrated into an official route established and perfectly signposted. In addition to visiting them on foot, you can take excursions by boat, helicopter, etc. Little by little I will describe them throughout this article.

Walkways to see the Iguazú Falls in Argentina
One of the footbridges of Iguazú

We are not satisfied with entering the National Park once or twice. Everything was so beautiful that we decided to go in 4 times. You should know that if you visit Iguazú for free, the entrance costs about 40 ARS and that there are several restaurants and snack bars inside. At the entrance of the park they will offer you the map with several circuits on foot or by train (included in the price). You should also know that if you don’t arrive early and don’t lighten up, you won’t be able to see everything, so you may need to come back another day. We did that the next day, paying 20 ARS instead of 40 (to enjoy this discount, don’t forget to stamp your pass before leaving the Park).

Visiting Iguazú from the Argentine or Brazilian side?

After having visited it on both sides I have to tell you that in my opinion you have to visit the Iguazu Falls both on the Argentine side and on the Brazilian side, since each place is infinitely beautiful, but different. Maybe the Brazilian side has better views but from the Argentine side you see it closer.

If you want to fly over the Iguazú Falls by helicopter, you will have to do it from the Brazilian side. You can book your ticket at this link.

Visit Iguazú on the Argentine side

From Puerto Iguazú you have to travel a few kilometers to the entrance of the National Park. I got on the “El Práctico” bus for 5 ARS. Buses leave every 30 min. The first at 7:10 p.m. and the last one to return at 8:15 p.m. If you want to be picked up at your hotel and visit Iguazú with a guide, you can book this excursion at Iguazu Falls on the Argentine side.

Iguazu Falls in Argentina
Iguazu Falls

One of the main tips I can give you for visiting the Iguazu Falls on the Argentine side is to wear waterproof clothing. Walking the boardwalks or getting up close to the falls will get you dripping wet. Also at any time it can rain. In the middle of the walkway to the “Devil’s Throat”, the biggest storm I’ve ever known in my life hit us.

Visit Iguazú on the Brazilian side

To visit the Iguazu Falls On the Brazilian side you must travel in a transfer (it cost me 35 ARS), and it is advisable to leave very early in the morning. We leave at 10 a.m. (somewhat late) and we return at 2:00 p.m. (too soon). The access ticket to the Iguazú National Park through Brazil cost me 35 ARS. If you want to be picked up at your hotel in Puerto Iguazú and visit Iguazú with a guide, you can book this excursion next to brazilian. The ideal is to buy the entrance to the national park in advance, since this way you will not have to wait for the long queues that form at the ticket offices and you will have all the time you want to explore the area at your leisure.

buzzard in argentina
A buzzard in Iguazú

Iguazu Falls with full moon

On full moon days you can enter the Iguazú Falls in Argentina. The first time we entered Iguazú was the night we arrived in the country. We were lucky to arrive on the day of the maximum lunar splendor. That night, the National Park opens its doors for a guided night tour of the Devil’s throat, the most spectacular waterfall. The moonlight makes it possible to take walks 4-5 nights a month. A magical show! Night access cost us 130 ARS, with top quality buffet dinner (barbecue included). If you like book this excursion with a full moon click here.

Other activities inside the National Park

In addition to walking along the catwalks, moving in the little train or flying over Iguazú in a helicopter, you can ride a twin-engine boat navigating the Iguazú River (35 ARS), approach the “Garganta del diablo” canyon (75 ARS), travel 8 km in 4× 4 for an enabled track or access to San Martín Island to give some examples. You can hire these activities at the park ticket offices. We only did the “Macuco” hiking route, a 3-4 hour walk. through the Argentine jungle that allowed us to see beautiful landscapes, about twenty species of birds, coatis, monitor lizards and with great luck a jaguar.

Antonio Ruiz from naturaleayviajes.com
Antonio Ruiz, the one who writes to you

Afternoon falls, it is time to return to Puerto Iguazú to rest for a while and regain strength, they are waiting for us Valdes Peninsula, Ushuaia, the calafate y El Chaltenwhich will undoubtedly give us some of the greatest experiences of our lives.

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