Typical Mexican food that you must try when visiting this country“, is a guide to the most delicious dishes that you will find on your tour of Mexico.

They say that you don’t finish knowing a place if you haven’t tried its typical foods, and although it is a set phrase, it has a lot of truth, so if you travel, parallel to your agenda of places to visit, you have to have a list of foods What are you going to try?

In case you did not know, Mexican food was recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010, which is a very good reason for you to be encouraged to delight yourself with its proposals.

Each region of Mexico has its seasoning, there is Yucatecan, Oaxacan, Pueblan, Chiapas cuisine, the dishes of Mexico City are also very special, and much more…

There is something for all tastes, but to know which one you like you will have to dare to try and try; Be careful when they tell you that it’s not hot (it’s not spicy), keep in mind that Mexicans eat the wildest chili as if nothing had happened, so it’s better to go little by little…

Already with that little introduction, surely you have to encourage yourself to this culinary experience, let’s see which dishes suit you best…

What are the typical Mexican food dishes?

Chiles in Nogada

This is one of the delicacies that just by seeing it you know that it represents Mexico, it is a typical dish from the state of Puebla but you can try it in many parts of the country.

It is a poblano pepper stuffed with mincemeat, covered with a rich nogada sauce (with Castile nuts), minced parsley and pomegranate seeds. The stew that has a filling has beef and pork, mixed with fruits such as plantain, apple, pear, peach, raisins, almonds, added to the special touch that the person who makes it gives it.

typical Mexican food

Tacos al pastor

It is not disputed that tacos are the most famous food in Mexico, a typical preparation that delights the palate of each member of this wonderful country and that never ceases to captivate the vast majority of foreign visitors. You find them anywhere.

There are the most varied tacos, with roast beef (beef), carnitas (pork), stew, longaniza, suadero, head, tongue, tripe, in short, everything can be made into a taco.

But among the favorites, the tacos al pastor have their prominent place; It consists of a preparation of pork marinated with spices and chilies (secrets of each cook) and cooked in a top.

When it comes to eating it, the presentation consists of a corn tortilla on which the meat is placed in small pieces, pineapple slices, all accompanied with onion and cilantro; You can not miss the sauce, you choose that.

typical Mexican food

Cochinita Pibil

Another typical Mexican food that cannot be missing from your list is this delicious stew, a typical Yucatan dish.

It is prepared with shredded pork, marinated in achiote, sour orange juice, habanero chili, salt and black pepper. To cook it, it is wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked in a píib, an oven made in an earthen pit, a technique of pre-Hispanic origin.

It can be eaten in tacos or alone.

Fish and seafood in Mexico

With extensive coastlines on both the Atlantic and the Pacific, not adding fish and shellfish to this list is a sin.

Although it is said to be Peruvian, ceviche is part of the meals you find when visiting any of the beaches, we have the Acapulcan, the Jalisco and the Sinaloan, even in the Mexican Caribbean it has its special preparation.

The zarandeado fish in Puerto Vallarta, coconut shrimp in Campeche, garlic mojo shrimp from Acapulco, lobster tacos from Baja California, aguachile from Sinaloa, Frank style crabs in Tampico, shrimp cocktail in the Riviera Maya, etc. , all exquisite.


Breakfast of many Mexicans, this typical Mexican food can be part of your menu.

Emblem of Mexican gastronomy, tamales consist of a corn dough beaten with lard, water or broth. There are more than 500 types of tamales, with various fillings and sauces, pork, chicken, beef, turkey or duck, green red sauce, etc., there are also sweet tamales with a rich fruit filling.

They are wrapped in corn or banana leaves, and steamed; They have their special date, but you find them all year round. Learn more here.

typical Mexican food


A good representative of Mexican cuisine are enchiladas, a dish that is prepared with rolled corn tortillas stuffed with beef or chicken, covered in a tasty sauce.

In its different varieties, you will find the ones from Monterrey, stuffed with fresh cheese, fried in oil and covered with ancho chili sauce; the michoacanas, stuffed with tomato, pickled onion and oregano, are served with chicken and potatoes; queretanas, tortillas dipped in red sauce, stuffed with chicken and have potatoes and carrots cut into cubes and fried; sweets from Colima, Swiss and many more options.


If you feel like something rich and warm like a well served soup, the pozole is your best choice.

In fact, it is a type of soup whose main ingredient is cacahuazintle corn, which is combined with meat, a variety of vegetables and spices, which together with the secrets and seasoning of each region, achieve a delicacy.

You can taste the green pozole in Guerrero or the red one from Guanajuato, Nayarit and Jalisco, and if you are in another destination, do not hesitate to consult, they will surely have a delicious recipe to share this delicacy.

Those who can not miss

CDMX cakes, pambazos, gorditas, mole, flautas, tlayudas, barbecue, giblets, guacamole, burritos are also typical Mexican foods, some very rich options that if you have the opportunity to try, you cannot miss it.

Add to any of these delicacies a delicious dessert, for example some ice cream, typical sweets such as guava até, some Mazatlan chocolates, some coconut rolls, marzipan, and if your palate asks for something different, try the tamarind sweets.

The drinks also complement the flavors, a rich tequila, some wine from the Valle de Guadalupe, discover mezcal, and if alcohol is not your thing, the horchata, jamaica, soursop waters are delicious.

Finally, you can not miss a delicious coffee, depending on the place you visit it will be the recommended option, Chiapas, Veracruz and Oaxaca are among the most popular.

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