If you are a lover of extreme emotions, you cannot miss the most extreme accommodation in Peru on your way through Cusco.

Is extreme lodging in Peru a reality or fiction? In many places in the world there amazing, rare, eye-catching and surprising accommodations. They are spaces that are out of the ordinary. Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs offer alternatives to travelerswhich according to their tastes and budgets choose the one they prefer.

Y in Peru is the Skylodge Adventure Suitesa particular hotel that is at 400 meters highearning the distinction as the most extreme accommodation in Peru.

His location is one hour from Cuscogiving a spectacular view of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and being the perfect alternative for travelers who love adrenaline.

extreme lodging peru


The idea was shaped to get out of the traditional, so instead of the classic rooms offer three completely transparent deluxe capsules hanging from the top of one of the nearby mountains.

Its design complies with safety standards and They easily support the weight of up to four people. The materials used are aluminum and polycarbonate.

The view that the capsules have is 300 degrees in an exceptional region of Peru, so you will enjoy the nearby landscape in all its splendor, without leaving the most extreme accommodation.

The size of each capsule is 7 and a half meters long by 2.60 both high and wide. It includes four divided beds with curtains and a private bathroom. Have 6 windows which allows the environment to be quite cool and ventilated. In the case of lighting, it is supported by solar panels with a total of four lamps inside.


There are two main ways to get to your chosen resting place. The first is climbing through a trail and the second is down a metal ladderaccess for those who are not climbers, so anyone can enjoy the extreme lodging of Peru.

The price changes depending on the upload method you choose and an important aspect is that the minimum age allowed is 7 years.

In the payment that is made, transportation from Cusco, breakfast, dinner and a guide are included..


This hotel may not be suitable for all types of people due to its main characteristics and the physical effort required to reach the top. And although it does not have all the services as a luxurious one, it brings together the main thing that is Live a different and unusual experience.

This work was the idea of ​​a group of young entrepreneurs who are lovers of extreme sports, led by a Colombian and a Peruvian who took on the task of obtaining all the necessary permits to put the new structure into operation.

Get to know the most extreme lodging in Peru

Travel to this magnificent place and know how it feels to live in the air inside this extreme lodging and consider it for your next visit to Peru.

Source: https://www.portalmochilero.com/hospedaje-extremo-peru/

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