By: Karla Cerrato

My experience was more than all the organization that is done before going on a trip the first time, it is to book hotels that are close to tourist places and that are safe, research the stay through the opinions of other guests, that helped us a lot ,

The experience of traveling from Brazil (Porto Alegre) to Uruguay (Montevideo) and Argentina (Buenos Aires) by means of a ship (bus ship) is extremely cheap and very close to the destinations.

It is important to know that exchanging dollars to Uruguayan pesos, like Argentine pesos, is quite effective, and suddenly you will be walking around with a very fat wallet hahaha and in reality it is not much. Since reals in Brazil are not very effective.

My experience in Brazil was more than anything in Rio de Janeiro, it was spectacular to visit Corcovado, climb the Sugarloaf Mountain and stay in Copacabana in a very comfortable, efficient and clean hotel, explore the avenues by transport (bus), the people very friendly, very tidy and an unforgettable experience.

Porto Alegre is a very beautiful city and going for a walk Lake Guaíba is an imposing presence when visiting the city.

The historic center, exploring it on foot and visiting the public market is a beautiful experience.

To stay in Montevideo I recommend near Pocitos beach and to go shopping, Punta Carretas, a very large mall and many stores as well as the food court

A classic of Montevideo gastronomy is the “chivito”, a very fine meat sandwich with lettuce, tomato, egg and mayonnaise – which can also include ham, cheese and/or bacon – which is served in most bars and comes always accompanied by fries.

In Buenos Aires, staying in the center, on Lavalle Street, is fascinating, there are many shops and restaurants, nearby to take a taxi that will take you wherever you want as a tour, the drivers are very friendly and intelligent, they provide you with the history of each place.

Puerto Madero to go to lunch and walk is fantastic.


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