The World’s 50 Best Beaches named Playa Balandra, in La Paz, as the 16th best beach in the world, and it was also considered an off-the-beaten-path gem in Mexico.

According to The Word’s 50 Best Beaches page, despite its popularity, Playa Balandra retains its incredible beauty intact thanks to strict regulations that limit development, the influx of visitors and activities that could alter its natural state.

As part of a protected natural area, the beach remains clean and unspoilt, offering visitors a stunning experience. Balandra is famous for its shallow, calm waters and the distinctive mushroom-shaped rock formation known as “El Hongo”.

The shallow waters throughout the bay make it particularly attractive to families and those looking to relax.

The bay is made up of seven beaches, and because the tides never rise above chest height, visitors can often walk and explore each of them, giving you a truly unique experience.

Without a doubt, Playa Balandra is a paradise and an excellent excuse to travel to La Paz. In fact, this beach is Alan’s favorite in the world, so we share the video of this incredible place.

The first 10 best beaches in the world, according to The World’s 50 Best Beaches, are:

  1. Trunk Bay, Virgin Islands
  2. Cala Mariolu, Italy
  3. Meads Bay, Anguila
  4. Entalula Beach, Filipinas
  5. Voutoumi Beach, Greece
  6. Turquoise Bay, Australia
  7. Pink Beach, Indonesia
  8. Anse Georgette, Seychelles
  9. Green Lagoon, French Polynesia
  10. Horse Shoe Island, Myanmar


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