By: Grace Navarro

There are four of us, and whenever we travel together the bills fly through the skies, all multiplied four times, just thinking about the plane tickets I’m already crying, really if it’s to cry (insert crying emoji).

1. Planning is everything

You have to plan according to your income, calculate how much you can spend per month and gradually buy what you need for your vacation. I am one of those who fills up with months without interest (big mistake), so I prefer to pay for the trip little by little, one month I buy the plane tickets, another month I reserve the car, another the lodging and so I am organizing my expenses without having to pay everything together.

2. Travel in low season

There are always better prices on dates that are not as crowded by tourists. As a family, agree to get away from work or school, this is a great option to save.

3. Flights on offer

Look for cheap flights, take advantage of airline offers, almost all of them have a date when all their prices drop. For example, the Blue Sale of Aeromexico or the Hot Sale of Volaris, there are good promotions and more if you search for flights without an exact date and let the search engine show you the cheapest days to travel.

Choose tickets that only include hand luggage, they are much cheaper. But keep in mind that you may have to wash clothes on the trip or find a way to carry the exact changes in one of those mini suitcases. You can also carry clothes in your handbag or a small backpack.

Remember that plane tickets for children under two years of age are free, but you must carry them in your place, I say that if you hold on, you save the baby’s ticket.

4. Put luxury accommodation aside

We do dare to put the four of us in a room, but above all we are not afraid to book in HOSTELS, yes, that’s right, they do allow little ones, we venture into the experience, apart from it is a great learning experience for them, because they live the travel in a different way, with a more earthly perspective and also fun. We have had pleasant surprises and many laughs.

5. Save on meals

When we travel we are one of those who only eat two meals a day, I know! It sounds like it gives us an elbow, and yes! But do the math, if you go on a 15-day trip, you’ve already saved 15 meals that are like 1,200 pesos (of the four) at least, add it up, the savings sound good, right? And the children aren’t going to die for not eating three times a day on a 15-day trip. Super tip: avoid falling into tourist restaurants, run away from anything that smells like a tourist trap, it’s hyper expensive.

If you can look for accommodation where you can cook, we also apply cooking in the Airbnb or Aparthotel. We make mini supermarkets, cook ourselves and go out for breakfast, and the second meal is in a place that they choose (you save more if it is something very local and typical of the destination).

Carry snacks all the time, buy granola, cookies or other things like that for emergencies, this way, if the children get intense because they are hungry, BOOM! You take out your little guard and reassure them.

6. Visit places where admission is free

For example, you know a lot walking around the city, one day you walk the streets of your destination, the center and important parks. Visit the museums on days when admission is not charged (all museums have this option). Go hiking or live with nature (it’s free). I swear that there are always activities where you don’t have to invest a lot or maybe very little, but if you have to investigate before launching yourself to the destination, study it so that you know everything about the place you visit.

This is what we do, it doesn’t mean that it works for everyone, me because I’m really into it, I like to travel, I like to save money and I like hanging out with them. Luxuries don’t always give you life experiences, family does.

And if you have doubts write me and I’ll pass you more tips. Nice vacations.

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