Visiting Geneva in one day is not crazy. In fact, in some cities of Switzerland You will have to make a quick visit because you will not have time to enjoy everything the country offers, especially its nature. so you need adjust your itinerary to take advantage of the trip and see most of the amazing places what to see in Switzerland. We share everything you need get to know Geneva in one day. So you don’t miss the essentials!

25 things to see and do in Geneva

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1. Start the day surrounded by clocks the flower clock

A visit to Switzerland would be incomplete without going to l’horloge fleurie. It is one of the most special places to see in Gin in a day. As you well know, in Switzerland they are the kings of watches. And Geneva is where They began to manufacture these ancient machines.

If you want to know what time it is while you’re walking through the streets of Geneva, this huge and beautiful clock made with flowers will help you 🙂 It is estimated that they use 6,500 plants for the sphere and they change them each season. The clock was created in 1955 in tribute to the city’s watchmakers as a nod to nature.

Did you know it was the largest flower clock in the world? It surprised everyone with its diameter of 5 meters, until in 2005 one was built in Tehran that measures 15 meters. The triple! Without a doubt, an essential stop on this tour of Gin in a day.

The famous flower clock, one of the best attractions to see in Geneva in one day

2. Be impressed by the power of the Jet d’Eau

The Jet d’Eau is the main icon of Geneva. It reaches nothing more and nothing less than the 140 meters high. In fact, It is one of the largest fountains in the world. You will be able to see it from many parts of the city.

Initially it was not a source but a safety valve for a hydraulic power network just outside the city. However, over the years they gave it a more aesthetic focus and it was moved to its current location in 1891. More than beautiful, it is impressive.

You can get closer under the jet from there you can see the force with which the water comes out. The Jet d’Eau is on every day from 10am. From spring to autumn it operates at night and it has very pretty lights. On the other hand, if there is a lot of wind or the temperatures are below zero you will not be able to enjoy the Jet d’Eau.

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Gin in a dayGin in a day
The impressive Jet d’Eau

3. Photograph the Molard Tower, one of the most beautiful things to see in Geneva in one day

Did you know that Geneva had a lake port? It was in operation for many years and they decided to build a wall to protect it. The Molard tower was part of that wall. Although the one you see today is not the current one, it was rebuilt to try to make it look as similar as possible to the one from 1591.

The tower is located in a very nice square with several cafes and restaurants.. Stop to have a drink and enjoy the atmosphere before entering the Vieille Ville, the most beautiful part of This tour of Geneva in one day.

Gin in a dayGin in a day
The beautiful Molard tower

4. Get lost in the streets of Vieille Ville, the historic center of Geneva

The historic center of Geneva fascinated us! Although we didn’t think it was as pretty as the one in Berna or that of Zurich, but it is very worth it. BesidesIt is the largest in Switzerland! The most striking thing is its squares. Bourg-de-Four Square is the heart of the old city and there is usually a lot of atmosphere there. Get lost in its cobblestone streets and enjoy the historic buildings. Will not disappoint you!

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5. Visit the Maison Tavel, the oldest private house in Geneva

Among the historic buildings that you will see in the old town of Geneva, is the Maison Tavel. Is about the oldest private house in the city. In 1334, the Tavel family acquired land that was left in ruins after a fire and built the house that we can see today. Although it does not look the same as the original, the city decided to buy and restore the house to turn it into a museum.

The good news is that entry to Maison Tavel is FREE. Inside you can see the changes that the city has undergone throughout its history. An interesting visit on this tour of Gin in a day.

Gin in a dayGin in a day
Pure history in the heart of Geneva

6. Meet at the Reform Wall

The Reformation Wall is another curious stop on this Geneva itinerary in one day. The city was a very important place in the Protestant Reformation because it was where John Calvin. In fact, he also died in the Swiss city.

The wall is a monument that commemorates Calvin. It was built on the 400th anniversary of the birth of the French theologian. Over there You will be able to see the reliefs of important figures of the Reformation such as Calvin himself or Knox.

The Reform Wall was built on part of the old walls from the 16th century, which protected the city until the mid-19th century. As a curiosity, The monument was financed by Protestant faithful from several countries.

7. Climb the towers of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Geneva, one of the best things to do on this tour of Geneva in one day

St. Peter’s Cathedral It is one of the jewels of the historic center of Geneva. Its construction began in the 12th century and has a mix of styles.

After knowing its interior, we recommend you climb the towers. It’s the most beautiful thing! Admission costs 7CHF (€7) and is included in the Geneva Pass. From the top you will have amazing views of the historic center, the lake and the Jet d’Eau. It is a stop that cannot be missed if you visit Gin in a day!

Gin in a dayGin in a day
One of the most beautiful views of the city

8. Move to Russia visiting the Orthodox Cathedral

You will be surprised to come across the Russian Orthodox Cathedral while walking through Geneva. right away will transport you to Russia for a few moments. It is an interesting stop What to do on this Geneva itinerary in one day. When we went to Switzerland we had not yet been to Russia and we really wanted to go. Is beautiful!

The Orthodox Cathedral It was built in 1859 thanks to financial aid from the sister-in-law of Tsar Alexander I. Furthermore, the large Orthodox community in Geneva has contributed to its maintenance over the years. We loved it from the outside, but also you can enter to admire the interior.

Gin in a dayGin in a day
Moscow or Geneva?

9. Recharge your strength at the Poche Radar

After visiting the Orthodox Cathedral, you will surely feel exhausted. So it is time to replenish energy and the best alternative for our Geneva itinerary in one day It is the Poche Radar. It is a 5 minute walk from the cathedral. He became our favorite in Geneva!

Exploring Geneva in one day can be tedious so a good pasta doesn’t sound bad at all. In this place you can eat a hearty and delicious pasta dish for a super reasonable price. They only have 5 or 6 dishes on the menu, but they are all very delicious and well priced. To give you a reference, they will cost you between 14CHF y 19CHF (de 14€ a 19€).

And the perfect complement for this pasta is the atmosphere of the restaurant with the best views towards the Bourg de Four Square. What more can you ask? 🙂

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10. Learn about physics at CERN, the largest laboratory in the world

When you have recharged your body’s battery with lunch, it is time to continue getting to know Gin in a day. Our recommendation is that you visit one of the main attractions: CERN. It’s about the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN for its French acronym). Did you know It is the largest particle physics research laboratory in the world? In fact, Geneva is the headquarters of several international organizations. So we’re not at all surprised that it’s there.

Just seeing the building will surprise you. It is a wooden sphere that symbolizes the earth. It measures no more and no less than 40 meters in diameter. It’s great! The good news is that admission to CERN is free. Please note that the laboratory is closed on Sundays. So, you better not make a Sunday coincide with this itinerary because Gin in a day.

To get there, from the Poche Radar, We recommend walking to the central station and taking tram 18. In about 20 minutes you will be at CERN ready to learn.

11. Know the meaning of the Broken Chair

After your visit to CERN, you will have to take tram 18 again to the central station. And once there, change to the 15 to the Nations stop, right in front of the United Nations. Next to the stop you will see a huge red chair. You won’t miss it! As soon as you see it, you will notice that missing a leg. It’s amazing!

But everything has a meaning. This wooden sculpture measures 12 meters high and was the idea of the solidarity association Handicap Internationalan organization dedicated to helping disabled and vulnerable people in the most disadvantaged countries.

The work was provisionally placed there in 1997 for only three months to show support for the Landmine Ban Convention that had to be signed in Ottawa. However, the chair was a success and is still there today, showing the rejection of landmines and cluster bombs.

A demanding and impressive monument

12. See the famous flags at the Palais des Nations, one of the best things to do on this route through Geneva in one day

And since you visit Gin in a dayyou can’t ignore the European headquarters of the United Nations. The most important is found in NYthen follows Geneva by size and importance.

There you can see all the flags of the 193 member states. If you want to know what the Palace of Nations is like inside, you can take a guided tour. It lasts about 45 minutes and we recommend that you book in advance. Of course, you will have to go to the visitor center before 4:00 p.m. If you have the time, perfect! The guided tour costs 22CHF (€23).

Gin in a dayGin in a day
One of the most famous pictures of Geneva

13. Finish this tour of Geneva in one day at the Ariana Museum building

We finish this long and busy itinerary to get to know Geneva in one day. Our last recommendation is that you go to the Ariana Museum, it is located in the same park where the European headquarters of the UN is. It’s about a spectacular building dedicated to exhibiting ceramics and glassware. Inside you can enjoy more than 20,000 objects from various corners of the world.

Admission to the permanent exhibition is free. But if you want to visit the entire museum you will have to pay 14CHF (€14). Can you imagine living in a palace like this?

After exploring the museum, take tram 15 again to the center of Geneva. If you still have time before dinner, you can take a walk through the commercial area around the Cornavin station. And ready! You managed to see the essential sites of Geneva in one day.

A beautiful building!


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