Slovenia is a country that has landscapes of infinite beauty. Its mountains, caves, lakes and valleys attract thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. Although to visit the vast majority of interesting places what to see in Slovenia Just go on the Slovenian roads in your own car, there are two of them that are connected by a railway line that when you meet it you will believe that it is part of a fantasy world. In this post I explain how to get on the Slovenia car train. Are you ready for this great adventure? Let’s start!

Slovenia car trainSlovenia car train
On the way to Most na Soci

As I told you in the guide to traveling to Sloveniato pass with your car from the Lake Bohinj al Soca Valley you have two options. The first of them is board the Slovenia car train in a journey of about 40 minutes. The second is to cross a hellish road (meaning narrow and with a thousand curves) for an hour and a half.

He cartrain, train car o motorailas the car train is also known, connects the town of Bohinjska Bistrica (located next to Lake Bohinj) con Bridge on Sochi (small town in the Soca Valley). In this article I tell you how board the Slovenia car trainwhen to use it, what advantages it offers, schedules and prices.

Map with the route of the car train Bohinjska Bristica to Most na Soči

On the following map I mark the approximate rail route between Bohinjska Bristica and Most na Soči, as well as the actual road route. You should know that the entirety of Lake Bohinj is located within the Triglav National Park, but not the entire Soca Valley. While some places in said valley are within the protected natural space, others are not.

Get on the Slovenia car train

In the Slovenian car train, passengers do not travel in carriages, they sit inside their own car. Sounds good, right? At least it looks exotic! Let’s say board the Slovenia car train It is a way of traveling just as comfortable as on the traditional train but very new and fun.

Slovenia car trainSlovenia car train
On the way to Most na Soci

How to buy the Slovenia motorail ticket

To get on the Slovenia motorail you just have to go to the train station and look for the access point for the car. If you travel during the high season it is more than likely that you will have to wait in line, so taking into account that places are limited it is advisable to arrive early. If you travel in winter like I did you won’t have any problems.

Slovenia car trainSlovenia car train
Moment of access to the train car with the two ticket sales employees

The ticket is not for sale online. You will have to pay it right when you board the car. Once inside the train you will have to stay inside your vehicle until the end of the journey.

How much does it cost to board the Slovenia car train?

Getting on the Slovenia car train costs €14 if you bring a car, motorcycle or bicycle. This price includes only the driver with his vehicle. If you are traveling in a motorhome or your vehicle exceeds 5 m. long you will pay €20.60 for the vehicle and the driver. In both cases the other occupants will have to pay €2.60 cu

Slovenia car trainSlovenia car train
Journey on the train car in Slovenia

These prices are for the longest journey, from Bohinjska Bistrica to Most na Soči. There is an intermediate stop in Podbrdo and another one past Most na Soči, specifically in Nova Gorica, so the price is different. You can check exact schedules and prices at this link. motorail. Please note that between 4 and 5 trains operate every day between Bohinjska Bistrica y Bridge on Sochi.

My experience on the Traincar / Motorail

The truth is that the 40 minutes that the journey lasted between Bohinjska Bistrica y Bridge on Sochi They seemed very short to me. During this time I enjoyed like a little child in an amusement park seeing the beautiful landscapes of Slovenia, going through tunnels, rivers and mountains, and all while listening to the sound of that old but romantic and green Slovenian locomotive. It was undoubtedly a very rewarding experience and one that I would recommend to all visitors to Slovenia. Watch this short video.

Car train in Slovenia

Other information of interest

Motorail trains can transport bicycles, motorcycles, cars, vans, pick-ups, motorhomes and campers that do not exceed 3 meters in height and 2.4 meters in width.

He Vsric Pass It is a section of the mountain road (called the Russian road) full of curves that connects Kranjska Gora (north of the Triglav National Park) with Bovec (Soca Valley). Given the accumulation of snow during the winter, this pass is closed, so to go from the north of the Triglav National Park to the Soca Valley you will have to opt for one of these three pass formulas, including board the Slovenia car train (although it would be very time-consuming).

  • The quickest option is to go direction Predil (Italy) and drive for an hour on Italian roads until you reach Kransja Gora or Bovec (depending on the direction).
  • Get on the car train (motorail) in Bohinjska Bristica (if you are in Kranjska Gora) to reach Most na Soči (next to Tomin, south of the National Park, already in the Soca Valley) or vice versa in a 40-minute journey. Now, you must keep in mind that to go from Kranjska Gora to the Bohinjska Bristica train station you will have to first go to the lago Bled and then go towards Lake Bohinj, investing another 50 minutes. From Bovec (Soca Valley) to Most na Soci train station it takes 40 minutes.
  • Make the trip from Bohinjska Bristica to Most na Soči for a hell road (understood narrow and with a thousand curves) for an hour and a half, to which we must add the travel times from Kranjska Gora or Bovec described in the previous point.

Travel insurance for traveling to Slovenia

If you are going to travel to Slovenia or any other corner of Europe or the world, it is advisable to take out travel insurance. They are usually inexpensive and can get you out of a bind. During the trip to Slovenia I was insured with World. If you want to make sure you can do it from our link to obtain a 5% discount for being a reader of With the insurance you will be protected 24 hours a day and you will always have a number in Spanish to call in case of any unforeseen event.

What did you think of the idea of ​​getting on the Slovenia train car? If you dare to go up it will surely become one of the great adventures of the trip to Slovenia.


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