By: Patricia Bendezú Monge

I am Patricia Bendezú from Lima Peru, I met my boyfriend online (I was just looking for a friend because due to the pandemic and more so my cancer I couldn’t hang out with my friends).

When I had undergone six chemotherapy treatments and was about to undergo a radical mastectomy, my boyfriend had to meet me in person, without hair, without a breast.

The fact that he accepted me as I was alone was the beginning of a beautiful story of travels together, through my Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, Belgium, France, Spain, Holland and right now we will spend a month in Colombia.

Definitely, seeing so many beautiful places fills my heart and soul with pure happiness, and even though we walk up to 20km some days, I feel strengthened, now my cancer is in remission and I am in the process of reconstructive surgeries that will take time but everything fits together for world travel.


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