It is estimated that approximately 85 million travelers head to France each year to enjoy its museums, galleries, beaches, history, delicious food (ideal for all the #FatAroundTheWorld) and incredible architecture.

Fascinated by everything that the country has to offer, its visitors make this destination the most visited on the planet and so that you can start planning your adventure in Gaul, we leave you a small guide to visiting this nation.

What do I need to visit France?

Below, I leave you a list of the countries that require a visa, or that only require your passport, to travel to this destination.

Passport: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Spain, United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Visa: Belize, Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador

It is expected that an electronic permit to enter the European Union will be established, but the imposition of the ETIAS has been delayed on several occasions.

What is the best time to travel to France?

High season (July and August): It is recommended to book your accommodation in advance and purchase the most popular attractions online.

Mid season (April to June and September): Prices and crowds decrease and in spring there is good weather to enjoy the outdoors.

Low season (October to March): Prices are reduced by up to 50% compared to the high season*, however the hours of sunshine and opening hours of museums and restaurants are fewer.

*There is a peak in reservations and people during the Christmas and New Year season.

What’s up with language, electricity and currency?

French language

Plug: Type C

Voltage: 230 volts

Euro coin


This section is an estimate that includes lodging, food and some attractions. The budgets are per day without including transportation (plane, train, bus and more) and are divided into three categories:

Survival: 60 euros

Sleep in hostels, eat on the street or fast food and visit some paid attractions. The essential thing is to save.

Smart: 160 euros

Sleep in cheap hotels or hunt for deals, eat in some restaurants and visit paid attractions and some shows.

Luxury: +300 euros

Without limits, luxury hotels, restaurants and special experiences.

OJO: On average, a tax of 2.50 euros is charged per night of lodging.

Tuition fees:

By law, the prices of bars and restaurants include a 15% service charge, if it is already in the account it is not necessary to leave more money.

Otherwise it is customary to leave between 10% and 15% tip.

Security and health

Following the terrorist attacks that have occurred in the country since 2015, immigration inspections and security deployments in public areas, museums and shopping centers were increased with the aim of guaranteeing the maximum possible safety of tourists and French citizens.

Always carry personal identification with you. Local authorities can carry out, at any time, identity checks in which they request identification and verify that the person has regular immigration status.

No specific vaccines are required for the entry of tourists to France. There are also no particular health risks detected in that country. It is advisable to take out traveler insurance before visiting the country, as tourists are not entitled to free medical care in France.

For more information on health and safety alerts, consult the Traveler’s Guide of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What to visit in France?

The capital of the country is Paris and it has some of the most important museums on the planet. If you are passionate about art and architecture, you will surely fall in love with this city. On the other hand, the French countryside is especially beautiful, as are its beaches and castles.

Below I leave you some activities that I have done in France, so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and budget:

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#QuestionAXM Do you know France? Tell us your tips in the comments.


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