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The beautiful city of Guadalajara not only makes you fall in love with its beauty but also with its food, to verify it you have to visit “The 6 best restaurants in Guadalajara”.

Mexican gastronomy is in the top 10 of the best cuisines in the world and this was confirmed by the portal specialized in the subject Taste Atlas that had awarded it in 2021 with the fifth place and this year 2022 obtained the 7th position, confirming the great value that Mexicans give to their food, but this time on a global level, wonderful.

In tune with this, the capital of the state of Jalisco, cradle of the mariachi and tequila, also receives its deserved praise for its cuisine, with the drowned cake as the star and a culinary offer that delights the most demanding palates.

Of course, you have to know where to go to eat, so join us on this gastronomic tour…

What are the best restaurants in Guadalajara?

There are many dishes of Guadalajara cuisine that leave you speechless, a delicious birria, sopes, enchiladas, pozole and tamales, also meat in its juices cannot be missing and surely there are many more delicacies with the special touch of the local flavor.

But if we add some fusion cuisine menus and other international cuisine proposals to these dishes, a wide and varied gastronomic offer is achieved that invites you to visit the different establishments to enjoy not only a tasty dish but also a charming experience.

Let’s see which places are highlighted in Guadalajara as the best restaurants in the city.

Bruna Restaurant

With very good references for the quality of its service, this restaurant located 20 minutes from the Cathedral offers exquisite menus of Mexican cuisine.

Chef Óscar Garza is responsible for innovating in the preparation of traditional Mexican dishes, respecting the essence of each recipe, proposing new flavors that are highly valued by his guests.

A plus are the elegant facilities with large green spaces, which include an exclusive art gallery, in addition to the Mixology Lab, an added value that is appreciated.

It is also good to know that it has alternatives for those who choose vegetarian and vegan cuisine, with a couple of delicious dishes.

Among the menu options we find grill, cuts of beef, pork, duck, wild boar and lamb, all with tasty preparations, seafood such as octopus, salmon, mussels are also added to the list of delicacies.

The ratatouille and the aubergine taquitos will be part of the vegetarian and vegan option. Do not forget to save room for dessert, you will be surprised.

Business hours are from Sunday to Thursday 2:00 pm – 11:00 pm; Friday and Saturday 2:00 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.

best restaurants in guadalajara

The Italian Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Guadalajara is this gastronomic place that, under the premise of wanting to transport its guests to beautiful Italy through flavors, delights the palates of those who visit it.

Not only pastas are part of the exquisite proposals, you will also find pizzas, soups, seafood, meats, risotti and tasty Italian desserts.

It is worth noting that the restaurant received recognition from the international magazine Wine Spectator, for the variety and quality of its extensive range of wines; an ideal fact if we talk about a good pairing with pasta.

Comfortable and elegant facilities and quality service come together to achieve a unique culinary proposal.

An extra that may interest you is that they have special proposals for romantic dinners, with packages that include a menu and decoration that create the perfect atmosphere for a special celebration.

You can find it near the Plaza México shopping center and its service hours are from Monday to Thursday: 1:00 pm to 12:00 am; Friday and Saturday: 1:00 pm to 1:00 am and Sunday: 1:00 pm to 12:00 am.

best restaurants in guadalajara

Mayor Restaurant

Recognized as No.51 in the selection of The 50 best restaurants in the world 2022 by the specialists of 50 Best Discovery, made up of more than 1,000 international experts in the restaurant industry, this place promises to surprise you.

The specialty of the house is contemporary Mexican cuisine, very well achieved by its chef Paco Ruano, with experience in European cuisine and who works under the premise of an open kitchen.

The star menus are the veal dish, totomoxtle, aubergine, chapulín and the lamb crusted with chiles, koji and epazote; You will also find delicious desserts such as chocolate tamale, cacao nibs, Hoja Santa and orange ice cream.

In addition, it has an attractive tasting menu with attractive proposals; available during special hours Monday – Saturday 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

Their hours are Monday – Thursday 1:30 pm – 11:00 pm; Friday – Saturday 1:30 pm – 11:00 pm; Sundays 1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

best restaurants in guadalajara

D’FRANCK Restaurant

This site is ideal for those who want to enjoy a culinary experience of international quality in an avant-garde restaurant with a gastronomic proposal of signature cuisine.

Chef Franck Delage is in charge of creating the most delicious dishes that make up a select and varied menu, with options such as hot and cold appetizers, soups and creams, tacos, pasta, fish and seafood, cuts of meat and the specialty, the classics French.

If you want to try European flavors, this is your chance, frog legs, rabbit marinated in mustard, escargots in their shell, are something you can taste.

For those who choose a more traditional menu, the rib eye and lobster tacos are exquisite, the pastas are also unmissable, dare to delight yourself with some gnocchis with potato gratin and grilled salmon, the chef’s specialty, a delicacy.

To complete the food selection, it offers a very good drinks menu and some desserts that you have to try.

Located in Midtown Jalisco, it opens Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 12 am and Sunday from 9 am to 11 pm.

best restaurants in guadalajara

SSAM restaurant

We are going to add to this list of the best restaurants in Guadalajara an alternative of authentic Korean cuisine at Perla Tapatia.

Their dishes receive the best reviews on reference platforms, where those who have already enjoyed their gastronomic proposal are very satisfied not only with the menu but also with the service.

Excellent flavor and quality in their food are part of the opinions that stand out.

The menu includes dishes such as fried chicken, shrimp ramen, bacon bibim, ramyeon kimchi pork, spring roll with rice wrap stuffed with vegetables and salmon, among others.

You will also find vegan and vegetarian options, which is highly valued by many of its guests.

The passion fruit lemonade is one of the most recommended on their drinks menu and a chocolate volcano can be an excellent proposal for dessert, you will love it.

It is a place with high demand on weekends, it has several branches, one of them, Pannarama, has the following hours: Monday to Thursday 1:30 pm to 10:00 pm; Friday and Saturday from 1:30 pm to 0:00 am and Sunday from 1:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

best restaurants in guadalajara

Colmillo Restaurant – Iron Gate

An interesting proposal for lovers of meat dishes, its special distinction is given by being a restaurant that takes the best of street cuisine from the north of the country, Los Angeles and New York.

The best cuts of meat (USDA) stand out, its variety of tacos with alternatives that go from beef fillet to a delicious pork trompo and its famous piquín oysters.

Also, its snacks such as the guacamole bar and the iconic roasted cabbage, are part of its unique gastronomic offer.

To complete a unique experience, it has the best selection of wines, if you choose the cocktail bar, the drinks are served in the bar format at the table or if you prefer beers, it is good to know that they are kept buried in ice.

And the proposal does not end there, when you arrive at the facilities you will be surprised by its architecture, decoration and an incredible atmosphere accompanied by select music such as funk from the 70’s, passing through “Old-hip-hop-School”, a bit of rock experimental and old world electronic sounds.

You can enjoy everything mentioned from Monday to Sunday from 1:00 pm -12:00 am.

best restaurants in guadalajara

Surely in this small selection of the 6 best restaurants in Guadalajara many excellent gastronomic venues were missing, so we invite you to share your experiences and recommendations. And if you are in Mexico City, we leave you some of the favorites of the destination in this link. bon appetit.


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