Las Mykonos curiosities They will help you learn more about the island, its past, its most important landmarks and icons. Did you know that Mykonos is known as “the island of the winds“? This is due to the strong Meltemi wind currents that blow frequently. Although others also call it the “Queen of the Cyclades. Mykonos has many secrets to discover. In this post we tell you the Mykonos curiosities that will surprise you


1. Mykonos has a strict color code for doors and windows

If there is something that makes Mykonos beautiful, it is the harmony of colors throughout the island. When you walk through its alleys you will notice it and you will love it. But this is thanks to strict color code that everyone should apply to their doors and windows. They can only choose between red, blue or green.

The point of this is to remember the ancient history of the island when the sailors did the same with their houses. So, even if you are the owner of a villa in Mykonos you will have to comply with this rule. What color would you choose?

Mykonos curiosities
In the photo you can see this particularity

2. A pelican is the icon of the island, one of the most interesting curiosities of Mykonos

If you are one of those who pay attention to details, you will realize that the icon of Mykonos is a pelican. Surely you will distinguish it in some parts. But the story behind it is one of the Mykonos curiosities What you should know before visiting the island. In 1958, a pelican arrived on the island in a terrible state of health. A local fisherman decided to nurse him back to health and instead of leaving the island, the pelican decided to stay.

Petros was the name given to the pelican by the islanders and in a short time he became a very important figure of Mykonos for the locals. It is said that he starred in some local news. On one occasion, Petros flew to Tinos, the locals of this nearby island refused to return the bird. So the people of Mykonos had to go to court to get Petros back.

This pelican became so famous which was even taken to NY for filming a movie. Where Petros even disappeared from the set and was later found napping between the cars.

Petros died suddenly and tragically in 1985 after being struck by a car. It was a very hard blow for the island, but they decided to keep the pelican as an icon of Mykonos. Since then, the island has continued to adopt a pet pelican.

An icon of Mykonos

3. It was not a famous destination until 1950, one of the curiosities of Mykonos that is hard to imagine

Actually, for a long time the island was quite desolate. It was not until 1950, shortly after the Second World Warwhen artists, bohemians, royalty and celebrities discovered this beautiful Greek island.

From that time on, huge waves of tourists began to arrive. Which also gave way to Mykonos transforming from a small poor island to a luxury destinationwith exclusive villas, star restaurants, luxury shops and elegant parties.

Mykonos curiosities
The beautiful streets of Mykonos

4. The windmills are a reminder of Mykonos past

Before becoming one of the best greek islands, Mykonos was poor and with limited agricultural resources. The windmills that you will see on the island not only adorn the landscape, they are also a reminder of the historical agricultural past. Construction of the famous Mykonos windmills began in the 16th century by the Venetians. Back when grain production was the main occupation of the islanders and the windy weather created the perfect conditions for the windmill.

At the moment, only 16 windmills remain standing on the entire island. Your goal today is to be a part of the breathtaking sights in Mykonos. Only one of them is a museum dedicated to agriculture and the history of the place. On the other hand, the Geronymos Mill, the oldest on the islandalthough it is private property. Mykonos windmills are super cute, but also very important to the history of the island!

Mykonos curiosities
The famous windmills, protagonists of one of the best curiosities of Mykonos

5. Mykonos, one of the best LGBTI destinations

Did you know that Mykonos is considered one of the best LGBTI destinations? In fact, during the summer months special events dedicated to the LGBTI community are organized. For a decade now, Mykonos has been known for its friendliness towards the people of the community.

In Mykonos there is a legendary gay bar called Pierro’s bar. It has been standing since 1973 and was the site of some of the most famous parties of the time. Here came the best of the best from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Over time, Mykonos has become one of the best LGBTI destinations.

6. Little Venice, one of the most photographed places in Europe

Among the things you cannot miss in Mykonos is Little Venice or Little Venice. It is a very romantic and picturesque place. Her original name is Alefkandra.but they changed it to a tourist level due to its great resemblance to the Italian city of Venice. You will notice their Venetian-style houses on the water’s edge, with balconies that float on the sea.

But the resemblance is no coincidence. During the Venetian rule that occurred from the 14th century to the 18th century, these houses belonged to merchants who transported all kinds of merchandise to and from Venice. Direct access to water allowed them to quickly load and unload products. It is for this reason that the area is known as Little Venice.

Currently, these residences house some of the best restaurants in Mykonos. And they are the perfect element to create incredible views at sunset.

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Little Venice
Little Venice, a Mykonos

7. A small island with more than 600 churches and chapels

Despite being a small island, Mykonos has it all. There are even more than 600 churches and small chapels throughout the island. Most of them date from the Byzantine era. People say that there is a church for each island family. Awesome! Only the city of Mykonos has 60, of which the church Panagia Paraportiani it is the most famous, so you should definitely include it in your itinerary.

This church is located in the Kastro neighborhood and was built in 1475. A long time ago! But it took a while and it was completely finished in the 17th century.

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Mykonos curiosities
One of the most beautiful churches in Mykonos

8. Only 30 taxis operate on the entire island, one of the most surprising Mykonos curiosities

Mykonos spared no expense with its churches, but the opposite was true with its taxis. For first-time visitors, this is one of the Mykonos curiosities What attracts the most attention. Although it may seem hard to believe, one of the best islands what to see in greece has a little more than 30 taxis operating. So, looking for a unit in the middle of the high season can be an impossible mission. You will have to wait between 30 minutes to 1 hour to find a taxi in Mykonos.

That is why many tourists prefer to transport themselves on the island with a quad or a rented motorcycle. Others prefer to walk or simply not go far from their accommodation. Anyway, 30 something taxis for such a famous island seems crazy to us and one of the Mykonos curiosities that surprises anyone.

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9. Here are 2 of the 20 best clubs in the world, a favorite Mykonos curiosities for partygoers

You will not only be delighted with the best beaches in Mykonosbut also with vibrant atmosphere at night. This island has become legendary and according to a vote by DJ Magazine, 2 of the 20 best clubs in the world of the last 10 years are located in Mykonos.

The night scene is defined by music of the moment at full volume, super talented DJs and full energy. Mykonos has more than 100 bars and clubs. So, you have tons of options. you will not miss things to do in Mykonos at night!

10. Mykonos is the protagonist of Greek mythology

The name of this island, according to Greek mythology, comes from its first ruler: Mykonos. Many believe that she was a descendant of the Greek god of light and music, Apollo. Furthermore, it is said that Mykonos hosted the legendary fight between the titans and Zeusthe highest of the gods of Olympus.

When the father of all gods defeated the Titans, he imprisoned them under the rocky terrain of the island in a region called Houlakia or Choulakia, where Greek mythology supposes they still remain. Awesome!

Mykonos is a very romantic destination

11. It has been a favorite destination for celebrities… and pirates!

Visiting Mykonos is everyone’s dream! Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton and Leonardo Di Caprio have chosen this destination for their vacations. Until pirates who traveled the seas and took over Mykonos as their popular gathering place. Here they were engaged in singing songs and drinking beer until they fell asleep. Since then, this island was already a party site!

12. Mykonos has more than 300 days of sunshine, an enviable climate

We end this article at Mykonos curiosities with good news for lovers of warm weather. Besides being one of the best mediterranean islandsMykonos is lucky to have more than 300 sunny days and temperate climate.

That is, the weather conditions are perfect almost all year round. Even though the summer temperatures can be unbearable and scorching, the Meltemi winds soothe and cool the environment.


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