There is very little left for the next summer holidays 2022 and trips to the beach are a temptation, discover “Telchac Puerto, an unknown paradise“.

Surely you already know or at least have heard of the beautiful beach destinations that Mexico has; the Caribbean and the Pacific coasts dazzle, not to mention the beauty of Baja California…

But this year may be a good opportunity to get to know a new destination, a magical place, with calm waters and a beautiful beach, as well as other charms…

We invite you to visit Telchac Puerto…

Photo: Yucatan Costa Esmeralda

Where is Telchac Puerto?

Telchac Puerto is a small town in the state of Yucatan located in the Gulf of Mexico, with a beautiful white sand beach.

Its location, just one hour from Mérida, makes it the perfect place to combine a trip with the attractions of a beautiful colonial city and a beautiful beach destination, where the heat is enjoyed all year round.

Telchac Puerto

Where to go and what to do in Telchac Puerto?

Downtown and Malecon

As soon as you arrive at this beautiful destination you have to visit the Malecón, where you will find a pier that extends over the sea, with benches to sit down and enjoy a good time.

The views are beautiful, sunrises and sunsets are part of the beauty; You can also visit the craft stalls, a good opportunity to collaborate with the local population.

Do not forget to prepare your camera, there are several spots to get incredible photos, the dolphins, the letters with the name of the town, a shark, a giant school, can be the ideal decoration for a nice photo.

Very close from there, walking, you find the main square, another place to take beautiful postcards of your trip; It depends on the time of year, they have very nice decorations. Opposite is the town’s parish, the Municipal Palace and some places to eat delicious Yucatecan dishes.

Photo: Government of Yucatan

Beaches and Ecological Reserves

Telchac Puerto is part of what is known as the Emerald Coast of Yucatan, a succession of communities and beaches that extend over 98 km, with less than 2 hours of travel by car, if you do not make stops.

The beaches in this area are: Chuburná, Puerto Chelem, Progreso, Sisal, Chicxulub Puerto, Uaymitún, Telchac Puerto, San Crisanto, Chabihau, Santa Clara, San Felipe, Dzilam Bravo.

It is worth taking the time to walk and enjoy each of these beaches, clear waters, white sand, pleasant weather, palm trees, some very lonely and others with spas, places to eat and other services, all good alternatives to spend the day as you like the most

And a plus in this journey are the reserves, the closest one is the “Sayachaltun” Ecological Reserve, a beautiful place where you can eat delicious food, practice activities such as kayaking, canoeing and more proposals to be in contact with nature.

You also have the option of visiting the State Natural Protected Area Ciénagas y Manglares de la Costa Norte de Yucatán and the El Corchito Ecological Reserve, less than an hour from Telchac Puerto.

Xcambo Archaeological Zone

Just 15 minutes from the boardwalk you will find Xcambó, with large buildings, various foundations, various structures, which together create a setting worth admiring.

The photos that you can get of the entire site from the top of one of the pyramids are impressive, do not miss it.

Nearby is the Cenote Sayá Bak, if you are wearing the right clothes and you are lucky that it is open, it is another nice option to take advantage of.

On the way back you can make a stop at the pink salt mines, if the weather is good, the pink color of the waters is part of the attraction, you can also look for those who work there and ask them to tell you about the process of obtaining the mineral. .

In addition, a few more minutes along the coast takes you to the flamingo area, a beautiful place, very quiet and with those wonderful birds that embellish everything even more.

Telchac Puerto

San Crisanto Mangrove

Being in Telchac Puerto, you have to take some time to get to know the mangrove in San Crisanto.

You can take a tour that takes you inside the mangrove until you discover a spring, a fascinating experience in contact with a unique natural environment.

Special mention must be made of the beaches here, with very calm waters and palm trees that complete a fascinating setting, impossible to forget.

Telchac Puerto

Photo: Yucatan Costa Esmeralda

The charms of Merida

Mérida is very close to Telchac Puerto, only 70 km from the center of that beautiful city; there are those who choose to stay there and make the daily trip to the beach, others prioritize waking up by the sea, both very valid options.

Whatever the alternative, do not miss discovering the charms of Mérida, the walks through the city will dazzle you, the center, Paseo Montejo, the Cathedral, etc., there are many places to admire.

Take the time for a tour both during the day and at night, the visual experiences are different, both will fascinate you.

The Turibus can be a good idea if you don’t have so much time, you know the emblematic sites and you also learn a little about the history of the destination.

There are many more proposals, discover them…

Telchac Puerto


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