Today May 30th we celebrate Blessed Martha Mary Wiecka who was a religious and Christian virgin.

Blessed Marta Maria Wiecka was born in Nowy Wiec, Poland, in the year 1874, and died in the year 1904.

When Blessed Marta Maria Wiecka was a child she suffered from a terrible illness that, thanks to the intercession of the Virgin Mary, she was able to free.

Blessed Marta María Wiecka’s entire life was marked by Marian devotion and by Saint John of Nepomucene.

Over time Blessed Marta Maria Wiecka entered the Daughters of Charity and in 1899 she was assigned to the hospital in Bochnia, Poland, a city near Krakow.

Later Blessed Marta Maria Wiecka was assigned to a hospital in Sniatyn, in present-day Ukraine.

Blessed Marta María Wiecka always stood out for her great kindness and gift of charity, among other qualities.

One day he offered to clean the room of a patient who had died of typhus, catching it immediately, and dying in a very short time.

Pope Benedict XVI beatified her on May 24, 2008.

There is no more information about the life and work of Blessed Marta María Wiecka, although what is a fact is that her celebration takes place on the day May 30.

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