Today June 13 we celebrate San Ramberto who was a Christian martyr.

Saint Rambert, also known as San Ragnebertowas born in Burgundy, France, and was the son of Duke Radebert who was Governor of Burgundy.

Saint Rambert was a highly influential courtier at the court of Thierry III of Austrasia.

As he had a great sense of justice, Saint Ramberto expressed his disagreement with the behavior of the palace butler, and for this reason he did not hesitate to order him to be arrested and sentenced to death.

Fortunately, the archbishop managed to have his death sentence commuted to exile.

San Rambert was banished to the confines of Bugey where he was watched over by the feudatory Teudefredo.

However, the butler told Teudefredo to kill him, but he did not do so due to Ramberto’s kindness. Eventually Theudefred died.

It was then that the butler sent two assassins to assassinate him.

Saint Rambert died in the year 680 in the region of Lyon, France.

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