The perfect combination of sweet and salty flavors and a patriotic tradition make chile en nogada one of the emblematic dishes of Mexico. Like the good things in life, it has a short sale period because some of its ingredients are seasonal and in the summer (mainly in September, the national month) it is prepared.

Arabic tacos as a starter. Photo: Karla Campos

However, for chef Gerardo Quezadas, who heads the restaurant Angelopolitano In the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City, extending the chile en nogada season allows for less waste for producers and suppliers of the ingredients.

Reinterpretation of chile en nogada with chipotle, hazelnut and shredded meat. Photo: Karla Campos

For this reason and in homage to Puebla cuisine, represented in its dishes through 10 years of the restaurantwill hold a “pre-season” of chiles en nogada from June 15 to July 13, where 11 versions of this traditional dish will gradually be included on the menu.

Chile in traditional nogada. Photo: Karla Campos

Subsequently, these reinterpretations of Quezadas will be part of the official season from July 13 to October 17, 2023. For the most purists, you can find classic chiles en nogada (with the chef’s family recipe) and options for vegans, with ingredients outside from the common as chile meco, hazelnut “nogada” and more surprises, such as chiles with smaller portions.

Ninón cake for dessert. Photo: Karla Campos

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