What is cheaper Mazatlan or Cancun?” may be a question whose answer defines the next destination for the 2023 holidays, so we will try to be very clear…

Mazatlán and Cancún are two of the most chosen beaches to visit, not only during the vacation season, but in any month of the year; Beautiful sea, beautiful beaches, entertaining activities and good weather, is something that they offer.

Those who still do not know these beautiful cities, may have doubts as to which of them implies a greater expense; there are also those who are prejudiced that, without a doubt, Cancun will be the most expensive option.

But will it be so? It is time to analyze it.

Many times it happens to us that we want to go to a place but, thinking that it will be a very expensive trip, stops us; Likewise, it can happen that we trust that we are not going to spend “so much” and we are surprised that we are short of money.

Surely there are several ways to prevent these budget imbalances, for example, buying flights and lodging in advance or taking advantage of special promotions such as hot sale or good ending.

Hotels with an all-inclusive plan in Cancun or Mazatlán are also a good choice and you will avoid worrying about food; many of these hotels also allow you to save on entertainment as they have attractive entertainment programs.

But, regardless of the case, it is always good to have more or less an idea of ​​the costs of the destination that we choose to visit, that way, you will have an estimate of the money that you will need and you will be able to better choose how to put together your travel plan. for an unforgettable experience.

What is cheaper Mazatlan or Cancun? What is cheaper Mazatlan or Cancun?

Flights to Mazatlan vs Flights to Cancun

To find out which is cheaper, Mazatlán or Cancún?, the first thing we should consider is transportation to the chosen destination; It can be by plane, truck or car (gasoline).

Regarding flight prices, the cost from Mexico City to Mazatlán, for the first 15 days of July, is around 5 thousand pesos on average, including TUA and a 10 kg suitcase.

Quoting the same to travel from CDMX to Cancun, we were surprised since there are alternatives to 3 thousand pesos on average.

It is clear that this price can be lower or higher depending on whether there is a special promotion, the company you choose to travel, the time in advance with which you are going to buy the flight, among other factors that can impact the final cost.

The issue here is that, perhaps, one expects it to be more expensive to go from Mexico City to Cancun in high season, but listing now, the first week of June 2023, the prices say otherwise.

With this data, it is worth comparing transportation costs by bus (truck) according to the place of departure or the cost of gasoline; do not forget to add the possible costs of the booths if you decide to go by car. Also consider the hours and time involved in these types of travel.

What is cheaper Mazatlan or Cancun?

Accommodation in Cancun vs Accommodation in Mazatlan

At this point, we can also say that there is no absolute truth regarding which of the two destinations is cheaper; This is because they are destinations with a wide range of tourist services.

The offer of hotels in Cancun or Mazatlán is very large and prices will vary a lot depending on the location, the season, the view, additional services, food plan and others.

However, it is true that in Cancun the prices of some hotels can be very expensive, we are talking about 6-star and/or 5-diamond hotels, with rooms that exceed 20,000 pesos per night. Without detracting from the beautiful hotels in Mazatlán, you cannot find this type of hotel in that city at the moment.

And if your idea is to lower costs, you can quote and compare the prices of hotels and flights separately and look for prices for packages to Mazatlán or packages to Cancun, which include both.

Remember, when you are about to hire a hotel, you should not only be guided by the price, the location is also very important; Paying cheaper for a hotel in an unsafe, dark area that involves taking a taxi every day does not justify the savings.

It may help you to read our post about the areas of Cancun and the areas of Mazatlán.

Eating in Mazatlán vs Eating in Cancun

What is cheaper Mazatlan or Cancun? As for food, your idea or preconception may indicate that the Caribbean city is the most expensive, and the answer is Yes.

Although you can find cheap food options in Cancun, if you compare them with Mazatlán, you will notice the difference, in principle because the cost of living in the latter is lower compared to Cancun.

Also, keep in mind that in Cancun you can find cheaper food, but in general, you will not find it in the tourist areas that are the ones you are going to visit. The Caribbean city is quite big, believe it or not.

Do not be discouraged, there are alternatives for all budgets, snack stands in the Parque de las Palapas have options that are delicious and not expensive or you can walk along Tulum avenue, there are some proposals that may interest you.

If the expense is not important, the shopping malls have food courts with a wide variety and the hotel zone also has restaurants with gourmet proposals that will delight you.

In Mazatlán you will find more affordable prices not only on the Malecón but also in several of the beautiful restaurants that you find in the surroundings of Plaza Machado.

With this information, perhaps it is a good idea to analyze if you prefer an all-inclusive hotel, with meals and drinks included.

What is cheaper Mazatlan or Cancun?

Entertainment in Cancun vs Entertainment in Mazatlan

Another important aspect when planning a trip is to know if the entertainment in Cancun and Mazatlán is expensive or cheap.

The two destinations have an extensive hotel zone, with very beautiful beaches to visit and have a great time; but it is good to clarify that the beaches of Cancun, although they are public, do not have a wide range of inns or restaurants to spend the day because it is a hotel area.

That indicates that you are either staying in a hotel or you should bring your provisions; It is good to know that in the accesses to some of them there are shops that can help, we give you more details here.

In Mazatlán there are more beach alternatives with restaurants with lounge chairs and umbrellas to enjoy the day and other services; This is basically related to the proximity of the sea and the beach to the city, and translates into greater availability at affordable prices.

The tour offer in Mazatlán and the tours in Cancun is very wide, there are some cheap and others not so much; Go ahead and do some, you’re going to have a great time.

And if we talk about going out at night, Cancun surely wins first place with the most expensive prices in clubs and bars, the location has a lot of influence, the nightclub area of ​​the hotel zone of Cancun has the highest costs.

In general, we can say that Cancun is a little more expensive than Mazatlán in terms of fun and entertainment; We say “in general” since it is a very broad area and surely there are things to do available for different budgets.

On the other hand, keep in mind that there are many free things to do in Cancun and free activities in Mazatlán, which is very good if you don’t want to spend more.

What is cheaper Mazatlan or Cancun?

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