By: Brenda Santillan Ramos

Hello Alan, I’m Brenda, I live in Monterrey, Nuevo León. Our adventure began on December 1, 2022 on a trip to Orlando, Florida, especially to Universal Park, it was a birthday gift from one of my daughters!

We were very excited! The most exciting thing was the transfer since we traveled from Monterrey to Florida BY CAR! It’s brave, I know, but we had a lot of fun!

We reached many small towns in the United States, we ate everything along the way and rested in rest areas, which are very common there.

It was a great experience with my husband and my two daughters; The truth is we don’t feel the twenty-something hours on the way there and another twenty-something hours back, it’s crazy but we have that anecdote to tell.

Not to mention the park, it’s great, it was a once in a lifetime trip, and the best adrenaline rush was riding the velocicoaster with my daughter, there I died and revived.

Ahhh, while we were there we went to see Miami, it’s beautiful too.

It was a very special trip with my family! I hope we can travel to many more places.


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