Are you looking for a place to stay in Fez? It won’t be any headache. It is the second tourist destination in Morocco, so there is a wide variety of accommodation for all types of tastes and budgets. Many people choose go from Marrakech to Fez to get to know both cities. When choosing where to stay in Fez, it is very important that you consider the area. In this post we tell you the best areas and hotels to stay in Fez. Besides, We leave you 30 things to do in Fez so you don’t get bored.

Our hotel in Fez

During our stay in Fez we stayed at the Riad Batchisarai. The building is beautiful, well located and the staff is charming. If we return to Fez, we would repeat without hesitation. It cost us €70 per night with breakfast.

Contents of this article


1. Fez-el Bali, the best area to stay in Fez

Sleeping in the middle of 300 different neighborhoods with more than 9,000 alleys is quite an experience. We are talking about Fez-el Bali, one of the best areas to stay in Fez. In fact, we sleep here! Most tourists choose to stay in Fez-el Bali as it is close to tourist places. This area dates back to the 8th century and is the oldest in the city.

Besides, It is the area with the greatest offer of accommodation in Fez, so you can find the best offers. As it is a super large area and with so many alleys it can be difficult to find your way, especially if you go out at night. It is also not an area where it is advisable to walk in the early morning. So, If you want to party in Fez, you better see another alternative. In fact, we recommend that you avoid walking at night in any Medina.

Is traveling to Morocco safe?

And Are you looking for accommodation in Fez-el Bali? You should know that it is safest for you to sleep in a riad. But this is not bad news, on the contrary, Staying in a riad is a lovely experience. Of course, for those who prefer to stay in the room and order food, you must consider that most restaurants do not deliver in this area. And if they do, it is with a fairly high extra payment because it is usually very difficult to find the riad. Another advantage about staying here is that there are many delicious and cheap restaurants in Fez within the medina.

On the other hand, You cannot access the medina by car., so arriving with a lot of luggage to Fez-el Bali can be a headache. Even if you want to move outside of that tourist area, you will have to coordinate your transportation. For example, if you want to go excursions from Fes You will have to walk to the nearest exit of the medina to get into a taxi. By the way, there are incredible places near the city, we will tell you how to get to Meknes y how to get from Fez to Chefchaouen. Two very cool destinations!

Best accommodations in Fes-el Bali:

Fez-el Bali is the best area to stay in Fez because…

✅ It is close to most tourist attractions
✅ There is a wide range of accommodation, for every taste and budget
❌ The area cannot be accessed by car

Relaxed in our riad, one of the best options to stay in Fez

2. Sleep in the Ville Nouvelle, if you prioritize communication

Ville Nouvelle cannot be left out of this list, one of the best areas to stay in Fez. Beyond the Medina is the new city of Fez which developed during the 20th century. It is a much more modern area if you compare it with the medinas that date back to the 8th and 13th centuries. When visiting Fez or Marrakech, one tends to think that there is no attraction beyond the Medina, and that is not true. The Ville Nouvelle of Fez is curious, basically because it has nothing to do with the Medina.

Here you will meet more modern hotels and fewer riads, which is the typical accommodation in Fez. In addition, there are several options for international food restaurants, shopping centers such as Borj Fez and it is ideal if you like to go out at night. It is a great area to stay in Fez!

A perfect option if you prefer to be well connected

Sleeping in the medinas means having to walk to the riad because no motorized vehicle can access it. That’s important, especially:

  • If you arrive at dawn or leave very early. We do not recommend walking through the Medina at night.
  • Also if you plan to change cities with public transport or visit Chefchaouen by bus. You will have the train and bus stations just a stone’s throw away and you will be much better connected if you prefer to take a taxi.

Good accommodations in the Ville Nouvelle of Fez:

Ville Nouvelle is the best area to stay in Fez for…

✅ Access by car and be well connected
✅ Find international food restaurants and modern hotels
❌ The area is a little away from tourist places

3. Staying in Fez-el Jdid, an unusual alternative

Fez has another much more modern medina, it is called Fez-el Jdid and was built around the 13th century. Yes ok, It is not as attractive as Fez-el Bali, it is also very interesting. Visually there is not much difference between one medina and the other. What you should keep in mind is that in this area There are fewer attractions and, therefore, it is a little quieter to walk around. In Fez-el Jdid you can enjoy the beautiful Royal Palace and the Jewish neighborhood of Mellah.

On the other hand, in the Fez-el Jdid area there is not much accommodation offer, even this makes it the most expensive area to stay in Fez. So, If you are interested in staying in the Medina, we recommend doing it in Fez-el Bali.

Recommended accommodations in Fez-El Jdid:

Fez-el Jdid is the best area to stay in Fez if…

✅ You want to stay in the most modern medina of Fez
✅ Are you looking for a quieter and less bustling area?
❌ There are few accommodations available in the area

Tips to save money

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stay in Fezstay in Fez
The beautiful door of the Royal Palace, in Fez-El Jdid

Do you want to have an internet connection in Morocco? We recommend you buy one SIM card with unlimited data from Holafly. It was a lifesaver to save roaming charges!

✅ You can be in permanent contact with your loved ones by keeping your WhatsApp number, using Google Maps and posting photos on social networks.


Now we answer some frequently asked questions to summarize What are the best areas and hotels to stay in Fez. If you have any other questions, write us a comment.

What is the cheapest area to stay in Fez?

If you have a tighter budget to go to Fez, we recommend staying in Fez-el Bali, basically because you will have more alternatives. This zone It is full of riads, hostels and hotels, with different prices that fit your pocket. However, we do recommend that you reserve the room in advance so that you have several options to choose from. The longer you wait, the more limited the accommodations in Fez will be.

What is the most recommended area to stay in Fez?

To be closer to tourist places and not spend on transportation, we recommend staying in the Fez-el Bali area. While it is the most boisterous, it is also the most authentic. Of course, for lovers of partying or night walks, It is not very advisable to go out at night in the Medina. Apart from that, the daytime atmosphere of Fez-el Bali is full of life with its narrow alleys full of locals and animals.

What is the best area to stay in Fez for families?

Staying in a riad in Fez with the family It can be a great experience. It will be the best way to explore the city, yes. Avoid walking at night because it is not highly recommended. There are all types of riads, from the simplest to the most luxurious. This area is perfect for the whole family to experience the culture and vibe of Fez up close, one of the cities of Morocco most beautiful.


On the interactive map you can locate the best areas and hotels to sleep in Fez. In green you will find the most recommended ones.


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