In Puerto Morelos, in the middle of the Cenotes Route and deep in the jungle, is the Óom Bubble Boutique Hotel, one of the bubble hotels that causes a sensation in Mexico, and a hotel that is worth going to if what you are looking for is an experience of glamping of the highest level.

When looking for unforgettable experiences and trips that generate meaning beyond the landscape, Mexico is a destination par excellence. But even more so is the bubble hotel Mexico Óom Bubble Boutique, an enclosure that is located on the Ruta de los Cenotes and from which it is possible to appreciate the natural beauty of this Mexican region, one of the most demanded by tourists, precisely because it has more than 60 cenotes in its vicinity.

The unique experience of the Óom Bubble Boutique Hotel

In a basic theoretical form, bubble hotels are hotels whose rooms are made up of transparent domes that allow you to see in a panoramic or 360-degree view outwards, so being located in the middle of the jungle, this hotel allows from the security of a room, feel the most luxurious and at the same time wildest experience possible, being in contact with untamed nature, with fantastic sunsets and landscapes, and sleeping looking at the stars in a way that will only be possible there.

But beyond that, this hotel has become a reference for betting on luxury tourism, glamping in all its extension, but from an approach where nature comes first.

luxury rooms

In total, there are 8 rooms that make up this hotel located in Puerto Morelos, and each of these rooms responds to the name of suiteso that luxury is understood as one of its main characteristics.

Each of the rooms, made up of a dome of Sky Bubble that allows you to take advantage of natural light and heat, has Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a telescope, a private pool, a bathtub with a view of the jungle, among many other amenities and technologies to enhance luxury and provide even more comfort.

experiences without comparison

The philosophy of the Óom Bubble Boutique Hotel is framed within the tourism of experiences, where beyond the luxury the experience and the memory that the guest has is prioritizedso many of its services are focused on providing activities that are related to the quality of the stay.

In that sense, some of the best known are:

  • Riviera Maya: This region of Mexico treasures historical and natural places without comparison, and from the hotel it is possible to tour the Riviera Maya by helicopter, an activity that only a lucky few manage to have access to.
  • The Gate to the Underworld: One of the experiences most demanded by guests consists of visiting the cenotes, these wonders that emanate water from the depths of the Mayan jungle land, with the mysticism and beauty that only that can represent.

Natural tourism and luxury can be united

It is often said that to do tourism in natural enclaves, many more elements associated with luxury tourism must be sacrificed, and the truth is that the Óom Bubble Boutique Hotel is a great example that both concepts can be united, and, above all, that can complement each other well to generate a different proposal for your guests.

There are more and more bubble hotels that appear in some destinations in Mexico, but without a doubt, the virtue of these enclosures is in the way they are integrated into the natural environment, and it is something that this hotel can definitively boast, since the Ruta de los Cenotes is in itself one of the most interesting experiences that any tourist can have when visiting this area of ​​Mexico.


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