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The first step we must follow when packing our bags to embark on an adventure is to choose the ideal transport and many times due to time, distances and costs, the plane is the ideal.

If you’re planning your first flight or at a loss about what to consider, here are five things to make your trip easier.

Choose comfortable clothes for the trip

Although it is important to choose the best clothes when packing and checking the weather of the destination you will visit, it is just as important to wear clothes during the flight that make us feel comfortable and, above all, take care of our health.

If your trip is long, circulation could be affected and, in extreme cases, you could suffer a thrombosis. To avoid it, I share the following tips:

Foto: 123rf
Foto: 123rf
  • Never sleep with your legs bent or crossed.
  • Stretch your legs and walk the halls at least every hour and a half.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that does not obstruct circulation.
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and soft drinks as they dehydrate.
  • For people with circulation problems, it is advisable to see a doctor before the trip.

Say goodbye to the rush

Arriving on time is essential, especially if you have luggage to check. It is recommended to arrive at least three hours before for an international flight and two for a domestic one. Do not rush, it will help you go through all the procedures at the airport, such as the security filters or the check-in lines (it is recommended that you do it online).

In this article, we share more about the ideal times to get to air, truck, or train terminals before a trip. Remember that the delay could be affected by problems at the airport or the entry and exit requirements of some countries, increased by the global health crisis.

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Foto: 123rf

Meet the requirements of your destination

Countries have been opening up little by little after the global health crisis and travelers have begun to take the world back into their hands. And although little by little things seem to return to normal, some have changed their entry and exit conditions.

If you have doubts about which destination you can visit, before buying (and embarking) make sure you do not need a health test, any special vaccination or simply a visa. Embassy websites are usually a good place to confirm this information.

Learn to pack your luggage

Pack only what is necessary! We must learn to forget the “what if…?” because it will only cause us to wear extra clothes and/or accessories due to having hunches of rain, change of weather or plans.

To avoid this, when making your itinerary, check the weather of the place you are going to visit and consider only the activities you want to do, it is useless to wear a swimsuit if you will not go to the beach or visit a place where you are sure to go swimming.

Bags are lost or delayed, that’s no secret. There are travelers like our dear Grace Navarro who can save money and arrange everything to travel only with hand luggage, thus saving the checked baggage!

However, checking baggage can help you carry items that are not allowed in the cabin. If you don’t know what belongings you can take with you in your seat, we share an article on what to pack in your hand and checked baggage?

Foto: 123rf
Foto: 123rf

Pay attention to the indications

When you check in, they will indicate the departure gate of your flight, however, this information may change. It is advisable to be aware of any adjustments on the screens that you will find throughout the airport (the apps of your airlines are also good allies). There you will also be able to find out about any schedule changes in your itinerary.

Once on the plane, following the instructions of the crew about safety at takeoff and landing, when to wear a seatbelt (it is recommended to wear it all the time) and when you can stop to stretch or go to the bathroom, is very important.

Upon arrival at your destination, you will be informed in the event of any time zone change, the temperature and (very important) the band where your luggage will leave.

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