As of April 1, Colombian travelers arriving in Mexico must complete a mandatory pre-registration in order to enter the country, the Colombian Foreign Ministry announced.

Through its Twitter account, the Colombian Foreign Ministry indicated that Colombian travelers, when filling out the pre-registration, must have their passport, email, round-trip plane tickets, hotel reservation or invitation letter and information on hand. details of your stay in Mexico.

Once Colombians have completed the mandatory pre-registration, they will receive a QR code, which they must show to the immigration officer upon arrival in Mexico.

To travel to Mexico for tourism, business, studies or transit, Colombians do not require a visa as long as the stay is less than 180 days.

This new requirement is applied with the aim of preventing travelers from Colombia from having problems when entering Mexico.

“We have agreed on a system in which any Colombian tourist who buys a ticket to Mexico will be subject to an electronic pre-check, in such a way that, if there is any reason for the immigration authorities not to admit him, they will be notified here in Colombia. , before getting on the plane,” said Colombian Vice President and Foreign Minister Marta Lucía Ramírez.

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