On September 10 and 11, an event will be held in Mexico City where we will be able to live incredible culinary experiences that will feature creations by renowned chefs, made with 100% Mexican ingredients.

It is about “Taste of the Earth”, a project of Arca Tierra, which will exalt the peasant work and its relationship with Mexican cuisine. In addition to giving visibility to culinary projects that are born from the experience of the field and prioritize the conservation of endemic ingredients and traditions.

The restaurants and chefs that will participate are the following:

  • Pot Yeast (Thalía Barrios García and Jesús Neftalí Ramos Vargas)
  • mask (Lesterlon Sanchez)
  • Macuitl Molino (Gustavo Macuitl)
  • Khokol (Oscar Segundo and Xrysw Diaz)
  • The Neighborhood Gusgueria (Louis Escamilla)

Through the kitchen, the participants manage to rescue ingredients, recipes and traditions from Mexico, contributing at the same time, great richness and promise to Mexican cuisine.

The “Taste of the Earth” can be enjoyed in two different places.

On September 10 at the Chinampa del Sol, in Xochimilco, a meal will be offered for 90 people. The departure point will be at the Embarcadero Salón Michmani at 12:00 noon. The ticket price is 1,500 pesos and 1,200 pesos for travelers between 3 and 8 years old.

In addition to enjoying delicious dishes, they will be able to meet the guest chefs and spend a day in the countryside, where they will learn about life processes and regenerative agriculture.

On September 11, a meal for 500 people will be offered at the Ex-convent of San Hipólito, in the Historic Center of Mexico City. This event will be casual, similar to a traditional Mexican party. There will be music, the colonial patio will receive each of the invited restaurants and attendees will be able to taste food and drinks from each of the stalls that each restaurant will set up.

In addition, the guests will have the opportunity to buy products that each restaurant will bring from the region to which they belong.

The ticket price for September 11 is 1,000 pesos and 800 pesos for travelers between 3 and 8 years old.

Experience tickets can be purchased at the official page of Arca Tierrawhere you will also find more details about “Taste of the Earth”.

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