Labor Day Will there be a bridge?“It is an alert for those who did not have Easter holidays but who need to enjoy a getaway for a couple of days…

As we already mentioned in our post “Summer Holidays 2023, SEP dates” there were some adjustments in the school calendar, and therefore, some doubts may arise regarding whether or not you can prepare your suitcase next weekend.

Incredible places for a mini vacation in Mexico there are surely plenty, you can choose one that is close to your home and avoid wasting time in airports and long transfers or you can enjoy your favorite place even for a day. You choose…

Is Labor Day 2023 a bridge holiday?

If you wanted to know if Labor Day 2023 is a long weekend, we have to tell you that the answer is!AND!

Worker’s Day or May 1 falls on Monday and is an immovable holiday, that is, it is a mandatory holiday as established by the Federal Labor Law and therefore the SEP has it marked as such in its calendar.

Another detail that may be useful to know is that on Friday, April 28, there is a School Technical Council, so if you have children you should not worry about taking them to school, and instead of having to worry about looking for a babysitter, it is better to prepare a mini trip to enjoy all together, 4 days off does not hurt anyone …

Labor Day

Where to go on the May 1 bridge weekend?

When there is an opportunity to travel, it is not wise to miss it, therefore, analyze your times and go for a getaway to take a well-deserved rest and enjoy one of the beautiful destinations that Mexico has for you.

Surely you already have a couple in mind, but, if you don’t know which one to choose, it may be a good idea to give one that is close to your place of residence a try, thus avoiding the time lost for long distances and you can make more use of your working hours. enjoyment.

For those who do not have a daily travel agenda, here are some suggestions…

El Geyser Spa

If you live in Pachuca, Santiago de Querétaro or Mexico City, this alternative can be a very good option.

The spa is located in the Magic Town of Tecozautla, Hidalgo state, a few hours from the aforementioned destinations and you can get there either by car or, if you prefer, the bus is also a valid means of transportation.

The incredible thing about this site is that it has several swimming pools, a wading pool, large green spaces, a playground, a canopy circuit with several zip lines and the most surprising thing are the hot springs and the famous geyser or volcanic vent from where water steam comes out and turns into an outdoor spa.

There you have a hotel where you can spend the days you want, check availability on their website.


The beautiful city of Veracruz is ideal for these hot times, with many proposals to enjoy at every hour of the day, it has to be among your possible travel destinations this Labor Day 2023.

The visit to the historic center and the port is magical, every little corner is perfect for an unforgettable photo and the postcards of a sunset on the boardwalk are part of the beauty of the destination.

Check for the places where danzón is danced, appreciating and being part of that tradition is something more than what you will love.

Add to your list of activities a walk through Isla de Enmedio and Cancuncito, the Inbursa Water Park is another good activity; a tour to the San Juan de Ulúa Fort, a tram ride and a tour of the aquarium are something else that you cannot deprive yourself of.

Labor Day

Val’Quirico, a good idea for this Labor Day

If you do not have the possibility of enjoying so many days of travel, you can reduce your getaway to one or two days and for that Val’Quirico may interest you.

We are not talking about a town per se, but a real estate development located in Tlaxcala, with the particularity that it has an architectural design inspired by the medieval times of Italian Tuscany.

Walks through the corridors, a bike ride, are an option; You can even encourage yourself to visit the stable and learn to ride a horse.

The little bars and restaurants offer excellent gastronomy and have a cozy atmosphere that will make it difficult to choose which one to sit down to enjoy.

There are very nice hotels and the range of activities meets the expectations not only of the older ones, there are many activities for children to enjoy. More info at this link.

Photo: Val’Quirico, official facebook

Women Island

If you like the sea and want to enjoy the Caribbean, do not hesitate to visit Isla Mujeres, a beautiful Magic Town in the state of Quintana Roo, a few minutes by ferry from the beautiful city of Cancun.

When the heat begins in Mexico, a getaway of at least a couple of days to Caribbean destinations becomes very necessary, the beauty of the sea and the tourist offer of one of the most beautiful destinations in the country are well worth it.

Enjoying the peace of Playa Norte early in the morning is priceless, wide sandy beaches and a very calm sea await you so you can relax and start the day in the best way.

If you feel like doing some activities, you can go to the Garrafón Park, where you can spend an unforgettable day eating delicious food, relaxing in its green spaces, launching yourself on a zip line over the sea and many more activities.

In the afternoon, after appreciating one of the most fantastic sunsets in the country, you will love the walk around the island, there are very nice bars, cafes and restaurants. Also consider a ride in a golf cart or simply taking the public bus, they will take you from one end of the island to the other.

Labor Day


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