GipsyTeam is a website dedicated to online poker that seeks to offer the best tools available for players of all levels They can improve their game and increase their winnings, while staying up-to-date with all the news in the world of poker.

Since 2009, the mission of GipsyTeam has always been to benefit online poker players, either by giving them bonuses and promotions within their favorite rooms, or by making available all the information and access to the best game study and analysis software used today. to optimize and track results, such as GTO Wizard or Sharkscope.

GipsyTeam Guides

Furthermore, users of GipsyTeam they have access to the highest quality reading material, designed to help players of all levels. Those who are just taking their first steps in the exciting world of poker will be able to find very complete guides to help them navigate the first stages, which are usually the most difficult, explaining from the most basic concepts to the most complex ones. For more experienced players, there are also advanced strategy articles so you can keep your theoretical knowledge constantly refreshed.


GipsyTeam Reviews

The site also offers comprehensive reviews of the top online poker rooms on the market., in which you can read about all the relevant information, such as the games it offers, and a lot of highly relevant information that can be used when choosing where to play. In the same way, you can also find similar reviews but about the support software that winning players use to analyze and work on their game, such as Sharkscope or PokerTracker.

One of the best services that GipsyTeam offers is its subscription system, specially designed to accompany professional players who invest a large part of their time grinding the tables of online poker rooms. This service, called GT+, offers a series of exclusive benefits that only its subscribers can enjoy.

GT+ services include: Unique bonuses and rakeback deals at major online poker roomsaccess to the best clubs within the mobile apps, a traffic counting tool to identify the best times of the day to play in each room, assistance to install and create accounts in any room or app and constant assistance to resolve doubts or inconveniences , discounts in the official GipsyTeam store and many other benefits.

Poker GipsyTeam

It is that in addition to all this, the site also has a virtual store, through which users can purchase official merchandising and all software for players, such as Sharkscope or ICMizer. GipsyTeam users can accumulate GT Points through the rake they generate every time they play and exchange them for discounts in the store.

Don’t think twice, GipsyTeam is waiting for you to improve your game!


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