The prestigious The World’s 50 Best list recognized Centrallocated in Lima, Peru, and headed by chef Virgilio Martínez Di Santo, as the best restaurant on the planet in 2023.

«At Central we are aware of the need to connect, and we humbly assume the great challenge of knowing and re-knowing this beautiful country full of unique inputs, landscapes, culture and traditions, stories but, above all, those who they live them and narrate them». indicates the award-winning restaurant on its official page.

In the awards ceremony held in Valencia, Spain, three places in Latin America stood out among the first 10 places, putting the gastronomy of the region at the top of the list:

The ten best restaurants in the world are:

  1. Central, in Lima, Peru.
  2. Enjoy, in Barcelona, ​​Spain.
  3. Diverxo, in Madrid, Spain.
  4. Asador Etxebarri, in Bizkaia, Spain.
  5. Alchemist, Copenhagen, Dinamarca.
  6. Maido, in Lima, Peru.
  7. Lido 84, in Gardone Riviera, Italy.
  8. Atomix, in New York, United States.
  9. Quintonil, in Mexico City, Mexico.
  10. Table by Bruno Versus, in Paris, France.

Among the best 50 restaurants in the world, also include A casa do Porco, in Sao Paolo Brazil (12), Pujol, in Mexico City (13), Don Julio, in Buenos Aires Argentina (19), Kjolle, in Lima Peru (28) Boragò in Santiago de Chile (29), El Chato, in Bogotá Colombia (33), Leo, also in the capital of Colombia (43), Mayta, in Lima Peru (47) and Rosetta, in Mexico City (49).

For the full list of the world’s 50 best restaurants, visit The World’s 50 Best page.


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