Go from Medellin to Salento It is a somewhat long transfer but totally worth it. This is the most famous town of the Coffee Region. Not only for its colorful and beautiful facades that adorn the colonial streets. Also because of the huge coffee farms that surround it and that you can visit to learn about the coffee process. And, as if that were not enough, Salento is the starting point for visit the Cocora Valleywhere are the famous wax palms They can measure up to 80 meters. So it is a mandatory stop on your route through Colombia.


This is one of the best towns in Colombia. You have a lot to explore and what to do in salento. So it is a unique destination in the country. The transfer is simple and you have only two options to choose from. Next, we detail the alternatives to go from Medellín to Salento.

1. Go from Medellín to Salento by bus

Journey time: 8 hours approximately
💰 Price of the trip: 73,000 COP or 15€ per person

to take the bus to Salento you will have to go to the South Terminal of Medellín. It is located quite close to El Poblado, one of the best areas where to stay in medellin. We bought the tickets a day in advance because we did not want to go in a hurry. Besides, it’s better than buy both the round trip from Salento. Remember that this is a super famous town, so many tourists will seek to mobilize just like you. Don’t risk running out of a seat!

There are a couple of bus operators that go to Salento, however we prefer to use Western Fleet. It was the best option especially for such an extensive trip! Transport units have comfortable reclining seats, toilets, screens to watch movies or listen to music.

In addition, they have three departure time options: 9:15 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. We chose the first one to arrive in Salento in the afternoon and be able to check-in at the hotel. Try to go to the station early as the traffic in Medellín can be heavy at certain times.

Of course, we must warn you that, Although the route marks 6 hours of duration, in reality it will be much more. On the way to Salento we did 8 hourswhile on the way back to Medellín the route lasted 10 hours. It was exhausting! This varies depending on traffic, road closures or strikes. In our case we ran into all three in the second transfer. In addition, the bus stops at the Pereira terminal and at a bus stop to eat something around noon.

The bus ends the tour at the Salento Bus Terminal, located at the entrance to the town. You can walk to the center which is less than 10 minutes away. For return from Salento to Medellin You will have to go to the same terminal that you arrived at, since all the buses leave from there.

The advantages of go from Medellín to Salento by bus They are quite economical in price and that It is a direct transfer. On the other hand, you will have to mentalize yourself to spend at least 8 hours on the bus. It can be heavy! But, we must admit that, despite the long journey time, the reward was spectacular. We spent some wonderful days in Salento!

go from Medellin to Salento
The interior of the Western Fleet bus

2. Transfer from Medellín to Salento by plane + bus

Journey time: Approximately 4 hours (includes waiting time at the airport)
💰 Price of the trip: 197,500 COP or 42€ per person

If you want to go to Salento by plane from Medellín you should know that there is no direct flight to the town. The nearest airport is Pereira. The transfer by bus or taxi from Pereira to Salento takes around 50 minutes, but you should also consider being at the Medellín airport at least two hours before.

As for flights, Easy Fly takes off from the Enrique Olaya Herrera airport towards Pereira and is located within the city of Medellín. While the rest of the airlines depart from the airport located in Rionegro. In any case, the duration of the flight is similar, around 45 to 50 minutes and there are several frequencies throughout the day. Can find plane tickets from €39 onwards.

Once you arrive in Pereira you have to go to the bus terminal of this city. It is located about 20 minutes away so you can take a taxi there, which will cost you about 10,000 COP (€2). Once at the station you will have to look for the company Expreso Alcalá to buy the tickets. The price is 7,500 COP (2€) per person. The buses leave every 30 minutes, so space will not be a problem. This bus will leave you at the only bus station in Salento, which is a 10-minute walk from the center. It’s a super short stretch!

It is evident that this It is the fastest option to go from Medellín to Salento. However, you should consider the time you will have to spend at the airport and that, in addition, you will have to go by bus from Pereira to Salento. so it can be a little more complicated and not so direct.

go from Medellin to Salento
The beautiful facades of Salento


Here are some frequently asked questions about how go from Medellin to Salento. If you have any other questions, write us a comment.

What is the fastest option to get from Medellín to Salento?

For go from Medellin to Salento In less time you must take the plane to Pereira and then a bus to this small town. The flight lasts less than an hour and the transfer by bus takes another hour or so. The duration of this journey is half of what it will take if you go by bus. It is the fastest option to go from Medellín to Salento!

What is the cheapest option?

Regarding prices going by bus from Medellín to Salento is much cheaper than by plane. Of course, getting to this magical and colorful town will take about 8 hours. So it is also the option that takes the longest. However, if you do not have a tight travel itinerary, you can take the bus to enjoy the scenery. You will only have to get on the bus and wait patiently. The great advantage is that you will not have to make any transfers.

What option do we recommend to go from Medellín to Salento?

The best way to Going from Medellín to Salento depends a lot on time and budget what do you have for yourself route through Colombia. If you are not in a hurry you can take the bus and go contemplating the landscapes along the route. It is also convenient if you have a tight budget and cannot invest much in this transfer. If none of these is your case, then you will have no problem choosing the plane option. It is the alternative with the shortest duration, but you must consider that it is not a direct transfer.

We went by bus from Medellín to Salento. Between a couple of naps and a few episodes of a series, we hardly feel the 8 hours one way. Luck did not accompany us back as there were demonstrations, road closures and a lot of traffic. This journey from Salento was more tiring and long, with a duration of 10 hours. But we believe that apart from that, the transfer was quite comfortable and calm.

How many kilometers are there from Medellín to Salento?

Between the huge city of Medellín and the charming town of Salento there are 247 kilometers away. It is a long journey, but when you arrive you will forget any delay as Salento is beautiful. In addition, you will spend a few days full of good coffee, adventure, hiking and quiet walks through the town.

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