Do you want to know how to get from Venice to Padua? It is clear that Venice has a thousand and one attractions, but if you have several days in the city We highly recommend escaping one day to the neighboring city of Padua. She is one of the best excursions from Venice! There are about 50 kilometers between the two cities, but they are perfectly connected. We tell you how to get from Venice to Padua by train, bus or car. You just have to choose the option you like the most!

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1. Flixbus, the best option to get from Venice to Padua

Journey time: 50 minutes approximately
💰 Trip price: from €3.99

Flixbus is the largest bus company on the continent. And how could it be otherwise, if you want to go from Venice to Padua, you can go on their buses. They are comfortable and cheap!

Flixbus buses have plenty of daily frequencies to Padua. In fact, the first leaves at 6:10 a.m., while the last returns to Venice at 11:55 p.m.. This way, you can spend a whole day in Padua, without having to stay overnight.

Buses to go from Venice to Padua depart from two different stations: Tronchettoon the island of Venice and Mestre station, if you decide to sleep in this city. Depending on where you are staying, it will be better for you to go up in one place or another. Although to save, keep in mind that leaving Mestre is cheaper. And sleep too!

Once you arrive in Padua, the stop is near the train station. But the best of all is the price. Even looking at it at short notice, you will find tickets from only €3.99 each way. However, in high season, prices may be a little higher.

In addition to being cheap, getting from Venice to Padua by bus is also quite fast. Leaving from Tronchetto, it will take about 50 minutes to reach Padua. But if you leave from Mestre and there is no traffic, it will barely take 25 minutes. Definitely, our favorite option to go from Venice to Padua.

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2. Train, a comfortable alternative

Journey time: Approximately 50 minutes in regional and 28 minutes in Red Arrow
💰 Trip price: from €4.70 each way in regional and €20 in Red Arrow

Trains are the most comfortable form of transportation to get around Italy. The railway network is very extensive and quite efficient. You only have to Go to the Venezia Santa Lucia station and get on the trains that will take you to Padua.

There are several options, from regional trains to Red Arrow, which are the fastest. Depending on the type of train, it will take more or less and the price may also vary.

  • Regional: They stop at all stations. They take about 50 minutes and cost €4.70.
  • Red Arrow: They only take 28 minutes, but the journey costs €20.

To the!

It is very important that you do not get confused and get on a Frecciarosa or Frecciargento, the high-speed trains. The tickets are more expensive (about €20 approx.) and you could be fined if you have a regional train ticket.

You can buy tickets online through Trenitaliabut for such a short trip without a seat reservation we don’t think it’s worth it either. They will cost you the same in vending machines of the station.

Honestly, We believe that to go from Venice to Padua, in such a short journey, it is not worth paying the difference of €15 between the ticket for a regional train and a Red Arrow.

go from Venice to Padua
The historic center of Padua is beautiful

3. Rental car, if you want freedom

Journey time: 40 minutes approximately
💰 Trip price: €8.09 (€4.30 fuel + €3.70 tolls each way) + car rental

Finally, to finish this article on the Best ways to get from Venice to Padua, we wanted to mention car rental. If you want to make a route through Italy, renting a car can be the best option, since it gives you a lot of freedom. However, we do not recommend renting a car just to make the trip from Venice to Padua, since it is super well connected by bus and train.

Drive to Padua It is the fastest option. The journey is about 40 kilometers and takes approximately 40 minutes. The fastest and cheapest route is via the A57 and A4 motorways. Go to Mestre and take the A57 towards Milan.

You will immediately connect with the A4, where you will have to pay €3.70 toll. The only thing you have to watch out for is not to miss the exit, signposted as Padova Ovest.

Reserve your car at the best price

To park in the center of Padua you will have to go through the parking meter between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.. Every hour of parking costs between €1.10 and €1.70 depending on the specific street. As we said, since you’ll also have to worry about parking, we think Renting a car to go from Venice to Padua does not make much sense, although it is also an option.

Discover the best places to park in Venice


Below we are going to quickly answer some questions about How to get from Venice to Padua.

What is the fastest option to get from Padua to Venice?

The train Red Arrow It is, without a doubt, the fastest option to get from Venice to Padua. It will only take you 28 minutes to connect both cities.

What is the cheapest option to get from Venice to Padua?

If you want to save, The bus is the cheapest option to get from Venice to Padua. You can find seats from €3.99 with Flixbus.

What option do we recommend to get to Padua from Venice?

Honestly, the bus. We believe that value for money is the one that offers the best service. It is cheaper than the regional train and takes practically the same time. However, we would always check both bus prices (which may change) and train prices to make a decision.

How many kilometers are there from Venice to Padua?

Between Venice and Padua there is only 40 kilometers distance. That means approximately 40 minutes by car.


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