Without a doubt, within the world of sports, most users today recognize that sports betting is not only a great way to enjoy their favorite events with greater intensity; but at the same time they can be a clear way to obtain extra income. Of course, when you know how to use what you have available in the palm of your hand.

It could be said that less than 10% of all users of sites like ae888.io, to name a few, they are profitable or even manage to finish in the green numbers after monthly, quarterly or annual periods. In other words, 90% or even more of the users of online betting houses lose money or at most remain at the so-called break-even point -without losses or gains-.

Those who manage to be consistent and generate additional income – the cases of users who claim to live from it are quite well known – have some things in common that are well worth knowing.

Study and establish strategies

No. Profitable users in sports betting are not touched by a magic wand nor do they have information that is filtered from the protagonists’ own dressing rooms, as is often believed. Contrary to popular belief, his biggest secret is an obsession with study, practice and obtaining information.

Today, thanks to the large amount of data and statistics available, and from there, the number of strategies that can be used to determine the odds of dozens of events or markets within the same match or sporting confrontation, The great secret to success is to establish a strategy with enough experience in terms of practice and study.

Rigid financial management

The difference between gambling for fun and wanting to be profitable may be that the latter requires discipline, management, decision-making, and not only looking for the fun of the moment, but respect for the processes.

Therefore, all professional users may have financial management in common, or as they say, managing your bankroll. From the maximum capital that can be placed on each bet or event, to the maximum capital that can be spent during a week, a month or a year. The idea is to generate profits whenever possible, try to lose as few trades as possible, and in the worst case, break even or lose as little money as possible. A useful piece of advice would always be not to invest more than 5% in the same operation, even if you think the odds are very much in your favor.

safety and reason

Before emotions and passion. Sports betting, seen as a job, is just that: ruling out selections based on your heart and feelings -having hunches that something is going to come out-, and prioritizing choices based on data, following your strategy and the search for bets that, within the component of chance, provide a little more security.

The idea is that the processes are routine, not addictive and not emotional. Because, ultimately, what is sought is to be profitable in the medium and long term, not necessarily to increase the bankroll from one day to the next, which could be one of the worst goals that anyone can set for themselves when interested in online gambling, unless they do it for good fun.

Low odds are not safer

It could be said that it is one of the most well-known statements by professionals. That a quota is low does not mean that the event is more likely, but in the opinion of the bookmaker has greater chances of leaving, but not necessarily so.

That’s what strategies, data and self-interpretation are for. It is possible that after reading a lot, an odd of 3 or higher is more likely than an odd below 1.9, which is where most novice users tend to lose money.

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