The year is almost over and the bridge holidays are over, but it is time to update the agenda and organize our Calendar for next year, here in “Holidays 2022 How many bridges will there be?“, All the details.

It is a classic every year to be aware of the XL weekends, a good opportunity to take extra days off and why not, plan a nice little trip…

Although not everyone can take it, if we see the positive side, in Mexico, those who work in tourism can also benefit.

Leaving aside the guesswork, we are going to know the holidays 2022…

Calendar of Holidays and Bank Holidays in Mexico 2022

January 1: New Year’s Holiday, falls on Saturday.

February 7, Bridge: Constitution Day Holiday on February 5, falls on Saturday, moves to Monday.

March 21, Weekend XL: Birth Holiday of Benito Juárez, falls on Monday.

May 1: Labor Day Holiday, falls on Sunday.

September 16, Weekend XL: Mexican Independence Holiday, falls on Friday.

November 2: Holiday Day of the Dead, falls on Wednesday.

November 21, Weekend XL: Mexican Revolution Holiday (although according to the Labor Law it is celebrated on the third Monday of November, that is, on November 14).

December 25: Christmas Holiday, falls on Sunday.

As we know, there are different criteria for taking holidays, there are the aforementioned official days, some mobile, others fixed, and there are also non-working days that depend on the place where you work.

That is why to the previous list are added:

Holidays 2022, extras according to the SEP Calendar:

January 6: Three Kings Day, non-working for schools, falls on Thursday.

April 14 and 15: Thursday and Good Friday. Easter Holiday Period from April 11 to 22.

May 5: Battle of Puebla Commemoration Holiday, falls on Thursday.

July 29: Start of Summer Vacation 2022, for 20 days according to SEP.

November 1 and 2: All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, respectively.

November 14, Weekend XL: Mexican Revolution Day Holiday (Consult SEP 2022-2023 Calendar).

Those days are added to those established for non-attendance to class due to the School Technical Council.

On the other hand, if you are a bank employee or are interested in going in December, keep in mind that December 12 is a holiday, the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe and Bank Employee Day.

Other Holidays 2022

Finally, the list cannot miss other holidays that are widely celebrated in Mexico (They are not holidays):

February 14: Valentine’s Day.

February 24: Flag Day.

February 27: Carnival.

March 8: International Women’s Day.

May 10: Mother’s Day.

May 15 teacher’s day.

June 19: Father’s Day.

What to do on a Holiday in Mexico?

As you can imagine, it is a very broad question and there are thousands of options to enjoy a day without “obligations”…

Surely the first thing that comes to mind is to rest, but there are many ways to do it; there are those who choose to sleep, others dedicate it to doing pending activities and there are also those of us who want to walk, near or far, a getaway to change the air, it is ideal.

Choose a good company or just go on an adventure alone, some alternatives may be:

Day trips: this option applies if you only have one or two free days, you can think of those places that are a few hours from your home and you still don’t know. For example, if you live in Mexico City you have many Magical Towns very close, or you can opt for beautiful places like El Desierto de los Leones, or if you have children, Reino Animal or Six Flags they will love it.

Practice Glamping: a perfect alternative for this time of pandemic is to enjoy the days outdoors but without losing the comforts; There are several destinations where you can rest in elegant camps with facilities and services that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

A little trip to the beach: if you have some days like the Weekend XL or the Bridge Holidays 2022, surely a getaway to the beach will be a perfect plan; analyze the options well, you can go to a hotel or you can opt for a house for rent.

You can also choose mountain destinations or get to know a magical town and the big cities, which have their special appeal. The destinations in Mexico are many, if you are in doubt you can look for promotions, we can help you by calling 8004440618 or by entering the offers section on our website Here.

Day of waking up late and going for a walk: it may not be the time to go long distances, so think of a nice place in the city that you have not visited yet and go for a walk, always changing the air is good and renews energy.

Before concluding, we remind you that in our blog you will find information about bus stations such as La Central del Norte, TAPO, etc., you also have tips for traveling by plane in times of pandemic, suggestions of places to visit such as Tecate, destinations for Easter 2022, cheap places and much more.

Holidays 2022


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