Today June 02 we celebrate San Dictino who was a Christian bishop.

St. Dictine strongly defended the holy Christian doctrine.

San Dictinus was born in the year 350 in Gallaecia, Ancient Rome, and died in the year 430.

Dictino was bishop of Astorga from the year 400 until the day of his death.

The remains of San Dictino, according to some authors, are found in the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana together with Santo Toribio de Astorga.

Some other authors believe that his relics are in the Cathedral of Astorga.

San Dictino is also known as San Dictinio or San Dotino.

There is no more information about the life and work of San Dictano, although what is a fact is that its celebration takes place on the day June 02.

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