By: Maria del Carmen Marquez Gonzalez

What color is the sea? at times black, at times light blue, turquoise, greenish, gray, white, etc., a whole spectrum of colors that fill the eye and the senses. The sea is deep, majestic and imposing, live it for 8 days on top of a boat. I boarded a huge Disney Cruise Line adventure to Alaska with my family with low expectations after watching so many cruise videos.

I didn’t know very well what I was going to find; if I was going to get dizzy, if I could sleep, if it would be boring or entertaining, if there would be a lot of people, if I would only eat hamburgers and pizzas, but after those eight days I can say that the experience I had with my family was wonderful, it exceeded my expectations. expectations. Disney service and quality is unbeatable in every way.

The procedures to board were very cumbersome and now with the Covid they have increased but, once you are on the ship, you just have to enjoy yourself, starting with the security measures after Mickey Mouse and the staff receive you at the entrance to, Later, discover the great buffet that they serve for breakfast and lunch with a variety of fruit, hot soup, lentils, fish, shrimp, salmon, meat, pasta, Indian and Chinese food, salads, rice and of course a wide variety of desserts and drinks. (non-alcoholic) unlimited. In addition to the general restaurant all day there are stations with pizzas, salads, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, ice cream, Mickey Mouse popsicles, French fries… you could eat all day since you even have 24-hour room service, all this included in the price you pay.

The service was unbeatable, all the staff greets you, smiles at you, assists you, welcomes you, answers your questions and is aware that you are having a good time. Through the application that they manage, they inform you about the weather, time changes, events, names of towns that you are passing through and right there they assign you schedules so that you can attend the shows and so that you can enjoy the activities and dinners in their lively restaurants, in such a way that so you never have to stand in line or wait. Alit from Malaysia and Angela from South Africa were our assigned waiters throughout the journey. From the first day, they greet you by name, then they know your tastes, your allergies, if you like ice, if you drink coffee or tea; The treatment is personalized and super friendly and fun since, in addition to being waiters, they are professional entertainers, they sing, dance, do voices, do tricks and everything so that every night you leave your dinner satisfied. Every night they offer you a different and varied menu and the food was complete and very good in general, complemented by shows, characters and animations.

The shows offered by the ship are Disney quality, first class and, despite the fact that the ship was going to its full capacity, we always found a place to sit as it has two theaters, one for more than a thousand people and the other for 500. During The time we were on the ship we saw 4 shows and 2 movie premieres, added to contests, trivia, talks, multiple activities and the traditional photographs with the characters. I wondered where they keep so many botargas because there were countless characters with different costumes throughout the journey. You can have a large number of photos that you ultimately buy or simply take with your cell phone.

The cleaning of the cabins is done twice a day and the waitress is aware that nothing is missing and that you are comfortable. The cabins, although not spacious, are very well designed and comfortable. We were 4 adults and we adapted very well to the space.

The first 5 days, we did not even perceive the movement of the ship, it was until the sixth day when we returned that, only one day if we felt the movement, but with a Dramamine it was solved and there was no major problem. Despite the fact that we were almost 3,000 guests, plus all the service staff, I observed that people spread out very well throughout the ship due to the organization and activities and I never felt that there were so many people.

As in other ships there are swimming pools, jacuzzi, gym, spa, basketball courts, foosball, ping pong, a running floor, many lounge chairs and places to sit on the deck and on the floors that were never saturated to enjoy the wonderful views What does the route offer you?

I think that, if I had to say something bad about my experience, it was the cumbersome procedures for boarding, the price that is above the average of other boats and in the end, they charge you tips for the waitress, captain, waiter and , assistant but after the service received, we gladly pay them.

Finally, the route to Alaska is unbeatable for the beautiful landscapes that you can appreciate: exuberant vegetation, islands, glaciers, icebergs, colors of the sea, sunrises and the occasional marine animal that suddenly appears (whales, dolphins, seals), in addition of the excursions that we contracted separately in the ports that we lowered (Glacier Park, Skagway, Ketchikan and Juneau).

They may wonder about the cold, but a research scientist said that there is no bad cold, only a bad coat, so with good thermal clothing, suitable jackets and boots you won’t have a problem, although I have to say that I was surprised to see people in bathing suits in the indoor pool when, for me it was very cold, I think this depends on each person, I clarify that we went at the beginning of July.

I close by saying that this cruise is suitable for children and adults, a complete family atmosphere. I am 63 years old, my husband is 65 and my children are 28 and 24, we all had a great time so, if you are a Disney lover or want to try it, I highly recommend it, you will have fun.

Ma. Del Carmen Márquez González, Professor UNAM

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