Today June 12 we celebrate Santa Cunera de Rhenen who was a Christian virgin and martyr.

Saint Cradle of Rhenen is highly venerated in the Netherlands, although it is said that she was born in Britannia.

Saint Cradle of Rhenen, according to legend, was princess of York, UK, and is said to have accompanied Saint Ursula and 11,000 virgins on a pilgrimage to Rome.

When he returned home the Huns raided his ship killing all the young women, however, Santa Cunera de Rhenen survived the attack.

was the king Radbout who saved her and was the one who took her to his castle located in Rhenen where he dedicated himself to leading a religious life, and also helped those most in need.

How Saint Cradle of Rhenen became very famous the king’s wife became jealousand one day when he went out hunting the queen murdered her by hanging her with her shawl and buried her in the stables.

Upon his return, the king inquired about Santa Cunera de Rhenen and the queen told him that she had returned to her parents.

Meanwhile, the horses refused to enter the stable and when the king noticed that there was disturbed earth, he immediately began to dig, thus finding Cunera’s body.

The king whipped the queen, who went mad and finally committed suicide.

300 years later the inhabitants of Rhenen asked the bishop to sanctify her and so it was, and since then he is venerated in this Dutch city.

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