By: Carmen

We are Carmen, Ori and little Leo, one and a half years old. We have been preparing to sail around the world for almost four years and we are finally going to set sail next Saturday, April 27, from Port Balís, in Barcelona.

We have been preparing thoroughly and we continue to do so every day, through all types of learning such as maritime rescue rescues, survival courses at sea, first aid, diving, freediving, fishing, etc. In addition to disassembling and assembling the boat from end to end to understand every last screw and equip it in the best conditions.

First we will head to the Balearic Islands, we will tour the south of Spain and Portugal, Porto Santo, Madeira and the Canary Islands and then cross the Atlantic Ocean living first-hand the experience of the great navigators about whom we have read so much.

Our main objective is for Leo to understand the world by connecting with the purest nature, learning to manage the limited resources on board and getting to know all types of cultures so that he is as complete and integral a human being as possible.

We work in the film industry, and our profession has led us to tell our story on networks (Instagram, Facebook and TikTok) and more than 410,000 people accompany us on this journey. Our intention is to bring our way of life to everyone we can, giving an alternative to the conventional and teaching first-hand the experience of sailing the seas.


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