Getting to Zermatt requires preparation. It is not as simple as marking the town on the GPS, at least if you go by car. Zermatt is a beautiful mountain town with many things to visit. The important thing here is to know that Only electric vehicles can circulate. Therefore, Access to Zermatt is a bit tricky if you are moving around Switzerland in a conventional car. We also tell you how to get to Zermatt by train from any city in Switzerland or even from Milan.

If you want to go to Zermatt as soon as you land in Switzerland, The nearest airports are in Geneva and Zurich. Both have frequent train connections to Zermatt, so it’s not worth renting a car. You can even land in Milan and go from there.



If you are using a car to get around Switzerland you will have to forget about it while you are in Zermatt. In fact, you have to park it seven kilometers from the town. The reason is that only electric vehicles are allowed to circulate in Zermatt.

Find the best price to rent a car in Switzerland

Below, we indicate the driving times from some of the major cities nearby:

1.1. What is the closest car park to Zermatt?

Täsch is the last town accessible by private vehicle before reaching Zermatt. So it is the ideal place to leave the car. At Matterhorn Terminal Täsch there is a covered public parking with spaces for 2,100 vehicles. Costs 16CHF per day (€16). There are also private parking spaces, both open-air and covered, for a similar price. It’s good news!

1.2. How to get from Täsch to Zermatt

Once you have parked the car you must choose the transport to get to Zermatt. The most common thing is to take the train to Zermatt. It leaves approximately every 20 minutes from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. The trip only lasts 12 minutes and the ticket costs 8.60CHF (€9). In case you’re wondering, on the train there are space for leaving luggage so you can travel comfortably.

If you have a lot of luggage or simply prefer a private transfer, you can choose to go by taxi. Obviously they are electric vehicles authorized to reach Zermatt. Of course, the price is higher than the train. The 5 kilometer journey costs between 40 and 50CHF (€40-€50) depending on the time. Consider that the nightly rate is more expensive.

Surely you don’t miss the car in this beautiful town


The train is an excellent option transport in switzerland. If you’re moving around the country by train and public transportation, getting to Zermatt is a piece of cake 🙂 We recommend using the Swiss Travel Pass to be able to use public transport without limits in all the country. Besides, you will pay half the price on trains and mountain cable carsin Zermatt there are quite a few, so that’s good news. We tell you how to get to Zermatt by train from anywhere in Switzerland or Milan.

2.1. How to get to Zermatt from Geneva, Zurich, Bern, Interlaken or other Swiss cities

Wherever you come from, you must you will have to change at Visp to get to Zermatt by train. You can check the schedules on the SBB website. You can also download the app for iOS or Android, it is very practical to see the schedules on the go.

At Visp you won’t have to wait long since The train to Zermatt leaves approximately every half hour.. It operates every day from 5:33 a.m. to 10:41 p.m. This relatively short journey lasts just over an hour.

Here we leave you Travel time from major Swiss cities to Zermatt and ticket price. Remember that in all cases you will have to make a transfer. The prices are quite high, so it is worth buying the Swiss Travel Pass.

  • Ginebra: 3 hours 35 minutes | from 53CHF (54€)
  • Berna: 2 hours 17 minutes | from 38.60CHF (€39)
  • Zurich: 3 hours 12 minutes | from 65CHF (66€)
  • Lantern: 3 hours 14 minutes | from 56.60CHF (€58)
  • Basel: 3 hours 18 | from 63CHF (64€)
how to get to Zermatthow to get to Zermatt
This is what trains are like in Switzerland

2.2. How to get to Zermatt from St. Moritz

If you are in St. Moritz and you want to get to St. Moritz you are in luck because you will have the opportunity to do one of the most beautiful train tours in Europe. We talk about Glacier Express, a panoramic train that takes 8 hours to reach Zermatt. The trip itself is a tourist attraction. It runs through the entire Alps mountain range, passing through bridges and tunnels. It will be impossible to fall asleep during the entire journey because you will always be surrounded by impressive scenery.

It’s a train is included in the Swiss Travel Pass, but it is necessary to reserve a seat. It is a spectacular train transfer!

how to get to Zermatthow to get to Zermatt
One of the incredible landscapes through which the Glacier Express passes

23. How to get to Zermatt from Milan

Zermatt can be easily reached from the neighboring country! If you land in Milan you can go directly to discover the charm of the Swiss Alps. For that you must go from the airport to the Milano Centrale station. There you have to take the train towards Geneva and get off at Brig. The journey takes about two hours, a train leaves approximately every hour and the ticket costs €32. Can buy online through Trenitalia or at the Milan station itself.

Once in Brig you must board the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn. The trip takes an hour and a half to reach Zermatt. The price of this trip starts at 20CHF (€20), but you can also use the Swiss Travel Pass in this section if you plan to visit more places in Switzerland. It’s an excellent idea and you’ll save a few euros!


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