Taking a trip to Vesuvius should be a must when visiting Naples or the Amalfi Coast. It is the most famous volcano what to see in Italy! Its eruption in 79 AD left the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum buried.. It is currently still active, although the last eruption was in 1944. It is considered one of the most feared volcanoes in the world because there are many population centers nearby. But don’t let it scare you, it’s totally worth it. We tell you all the options there are for an excursion to Vesuvius from Naples or Sorrento.

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1. Vesuvius excursion from Naples

The most comfortable way to get from Naples to Vesuvius is to book a guided excursion. Includes bus transportation from your hotel door, entrance to the Vesuvius National Park with a guide in Spanish, and food. Is a ideal option for cruise passengerssince they can pick you up at the port and drop you off there again around 5 p.m.

Book the Vesuvius excursion from Naples

There is also the option of combine the excursion to Vesuvius with the visit to Pompeii. We recommend it if you have the full day and want to not worry about transportation and tickets. Furthermore, you will have the explanations of a guide (very useful especially in Pompeii) and you will not wait in lines.

Book the combined tour to Pompeii and Vesuvius

2. How to get to Vesuvius by public transport, ideal if you want to visit Pompeii and Vesuvius on the same day

To get to Vesuvius by public transport you must first get to Pompeii. There you will have to change trains before climbing to the top of the volcano. We give you a lot of tips for visiting the archaeological site of Pompeii.

2.1. How to get to Pompeii from Naples or Sorrento

The easiest and cheapest way to get to Pompeii is from Naples. Although the central station of the Neapolitan city is not very pleasant, there you should take the train of the Circumvesuvian line. More specifically, line 1 that connects Naples with Sorrento. In some 40 minutes you reach the Pompei Scavi – Villa dei Misteri station. The ticket costs €2.80.

In summer the trains are usually full because Neapolitans travel to the beautiful beaches of Sorrento, so be prepared to be a little crowded. Also You can leave from Sorrento, taking the train towards Naples.

To some 100 meters to the left of the station exit is the entrance to the ruins of Pompeii. We recommend that the visit before climbing Vesuvius. It is best to arrive first thing in the morning to avoid crowds. It is a striking historical site to see.

Admission at the box office costs €18 for adults, €2 for young people under 24 years old and free up to 18 years old. You can also buy them online to save queues by adding a small booking fee. We recommend hire a guided tour in Spanish to learn as much as possible.

Buy your tickets online to save lines

Vesuvius seen from the ruins of Pompeii

2.2. How to get from Pompeii to Vesuvius

Once you finish your visit to Pompeii, return to the station. From there you have two options to get to the volcano…

2.2.1. EAV public bus

The cheapest way to go up to Vesuvius is to take the EAV bus. They depart from this location and each ticket costs €3.60 that can be paid to the driver. The only downside is that the EAV website never works and it is difficult to find the exact schedules. But so that you have a reference, In high season they operate from 8:00 a.m. to 4:55 p.m., and a bus leaves approximately every 50 minutes.

The trip takes about 50 minutes and leaves you at an altitude of 1000 meters. Once up, you will have to buy the entrance to the venue which costs €10. Children under 1.20m tall enter for free. You have to walk about 20 minutes through steep terrain to the crater. So we recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as a bottle of water if you go in summer.

The round trip from Pompeii and the entrance to Vesuvius cost €17.20 in total.

Keep in mind…

The bus return times so you don’t get left stranded. Once at the top, count at least one hour to get to the top, visit it and go back down.

Vesuvius’s opening hours change depending on the season.

2.2.2. Organized transportation with guide

The price of the guided excursion to Vesuvius from Pompeii is €11 per person. Although it is much more expensive than the public bus, it gives much more flexibility in schedules and you will have information from the guide. There is an excursion every 10 minutes and it is mandatory to reserve your place online. In high season, some departures are likely to be sold out. Do not panic! They take out last minute tickets for the same price one hour before each departure.

They take you on a bus to the top. Next, you must complete the ascent to the crater on foot. Upon entering the park, a guide will explain a few facts about the volcano and then you will have free time to visit it at your leisure before returning to Pompeii station.

There is also the possibility of hiring an excursion with the company Busvia del Vesuvio for €35 per person. They have a stop at the Pompeii train station and you can book right there to leave at the time you prefer that same day.

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3. Vesuvius excursion by car from Naples

If you have a vehicle to move freely around the Naples area, you can use it to get to Vesuvius.

You simply have to take the A3 highway until the Torre del Greco or Herculano exit. You will have to pay €2 toll. From there, the path to the volcano is perfectly signposted. It takes just under an hour to get there from Naples.

Vesuvius parking costs €6 and it is one kilometer from the crater. In the same parking lot there is a visitor center where you can buy the ticket, which costs €10 per person..

Reserve your car at the best price

4. Tips for the excursion to Vesuvius

Next we are going to give you some tips to keep in mind during your excursion to Vesuvius.

4.1. The climb to the crater is demanding

Although it is a short distance, the terrain to climb to the crater on foot is steep. It’s nothing special for 90% of people, but it’s better to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The authorities recommend that People with heart problems or who are completely sedentary do not go up.especially in summer. It is advisable to carry wateralthough there is a store upstairs where you can buy a bottle.

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4.2. Wear warm clothes in winter

The temperature at the top is usually cooler than on the slopes of the volcano. Keep this in mind to bring something warm if you don’t go up in summer.

4.3. Where to eat during the excursion to Vesuvius

In the surroundings of the Pompei Scavi station there are several restaurants with quite economical menus to eat hot. It is not necessary to bring food to take the excursion to Vesuvius.

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4.4. Visit Pompeii and Vesuvius on the same day

The Circumvesuviana is not the most comfortable train and going to Pompeii is quite heavy. Thus you will save time and money on your excursion to Vesuvius. We advise you to leave early, around 8am. So you can be from 9 a.m. to approximately 1 p.m. visiting the Pompeii excavations.

For convenience, it is also advisable to take tickets to go to Vesuvius in the morning, just before entering Pompeii. Next, At around 3pm the excursion to Vesuvius begins and at around 6pm you will be returning to Naples.. In summer it is a good time, because later you will find people returning from the beach and you will be much tighter.

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