The freedom to move on your own and get to know the best places is possible with a rented boat.

Traveling by boat is an unforgettable experience for every adventurer. Seeing the sea in its maximum splendor, feeling the sea breeze, observing the birds that pass from one side to the other, being surprised by species that jump in the middle of the water and enjoying some of the most spectacular sunsets, are part of the experiences that only are possible on a boat.

The number of people who prefer to travel by boat is increasing. According to recent data, about 28 million travelers choose to travel by sea every year, apart from the reasons mentioned above, that prices are usually cheap and that there are longer periods for reservations.

But apart from contracting a package with a travel agency, you have at your fingertips the possibility of renting a boat with SamBoata company that has more than 40,000 boats in different parts of the world, including two spectacular destinations, such as Malaga and Ibiza.

Enjoy your boat trip around Malaga and Ibiza with SamBoat

Reasons to visit Malaga and Ibiza

Malaga protects 175 kilometers of coastline with a large number of beaches to have a wonderful time. It is ensured that during 305 days of the year the sun shines with intensity with a temperature that averages 18 degrees. But, it also has places where you can do different activities, try gastronomy based on fish and seafood, have a good time touring its cultural spaces, visit its magical towns or enjoy the nature present in its parks and gardens.

And sure when you listen to Ibiza you move to its festive atmosphere and to the effervescence of their nightlife. However, there is much more. Its Mediterranean climate invites you to enjoy the beaches with gentle waves and fine sand, to lose yourself in the small streets of the surrounding villages, to be enchanted by the impeccable natural landscapes that take you away from the hustle and bustle of the center, to try the gastronomy that shows as its main dish the seafood paella or to give you a tour of places that are considered World Heritage.

A) Yes What reasons are there to go to these two places?. On the one hand to Malaga and on the other to Ibiza, both located in the Mediterranean Sea and which enjoy much international recognition for their unique beauty. And there is no doubt that one of the best ways to get to them is on a boat rented with SamBoat so now we tell you how you can rent one without many complications.

Rent a boat and get to know the island of Ibiza

With SamBoat it is very simple rent your boat to visit Ibiza. When you enter the web, a large number of alternatives appear, there you filter the results and you keep the cheapest prices.

On the left side you select a date and the type of boat you prefer. If you ask me to show you the cheapest ones, prices range from 150 Euros and up with a capacity for six people.

Now, you can select between several linesamong them if you want the boat alone, with a companion or with a skipper, the type of boat and the time it will take on the journey.

Doing an exercise we chose a week aboard the Grand Boats Silver Line S470NL for a price of 700 Euros without including gasoline. She is a boat from the year 2019 with capacity for 6 people and with the necessary diving equipment. Once selected, what you have is to contact the owner to reach an agreement.

Get to know Malaga aboard a boat

Secondly, rent a boat to get to know all of Malaga.. The procedure is similar to the one you just read to go to Ibiza. In this case, we will do the test using another of the options presented by the portal.

In the search engine on the left, choose a week of duration for the trip and mark where it indicates “Show better ads first” and you will see many options with different prices.

We selected the Galeon Galia 570, that requires a crew to carry out the trip and the cost starts at 173 Euros. The authorized capacity is 6 people and the owner requests a deposit of 500 Euros. The year of construction of the boat is 2000 and those who have used it make correct recommendations.

Enjoy your boat trip around Malaga and Ibiza with SamBoat

There are only two tests that you can perform in this search engine that transports about 300,000 people a yearbeing the largest boat rental platform in the world that has among its objectives that more and more travelers sail, discover new destinations, connect using technology and are aware of the importance of preserving and caring for natural spaces.


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