In any investigation process it is necessary to carry out an investigation report, therefore, throughout this article all the details of this important document are shown.

The research report includes all the results and discoveries that have been obtained in a research projectregardless of the academic sector and its nature.

Thanks to the research report. answers to questions such as what, who or where, not only as a questionnaire, but also with the creation of hypotheses. All the information developed appears in the report, so that it can be presented to other people.

How to make an investigation report

Next, the steps that can be followed to achieve a perfect investigation report are shown, minimizing the time invested in its preparation, thanks to an optimized structure in this regard.

Before starting to write without rhyme or reason, it is necessary prepare the contextcreating a guide or scheme on how the work is going to be organized, always starting with a broad approach, and little by little, narrowing down to the specific issue to be dealt with.

The structure of a research report is well markedwith very delimited parts, so good organization is necessary and starting at the beginning, such as thinking about the title until reaching the conclusion, everything in its proper order.

On the other hand, the report must have its different parts well connected and following a logic, so that other people can easily understand its content, without giving rise to doubts. You can use annexes in the event that the topic may become too technical or specific.

In order to properly write the research report, it must be take into account who it is addressed toand in conjunction with the above, maintain an empathetic character that will help to put yourself in the place of the people who are going to receive such information.

When making a report of this type, it is necessary don’t forget your objectivesshowing data that are of interest and are related to such objectives, so as not to give rise to speculations or opinions, since the research report is informative.

Parts of the investigation report

To guide a person in order to develop this type of document and to follow a defined structure that facilitates the work, the following are shown: the parts that make up a good research report:

  • First, must have a index, so that the reader or readers can access the specific points of the report, in a clear and structured way.
  • In the introduction, a general perspective on the topic should be presented in an abbreviated form or the matter to be treated, in fact, it will include the definition of those terms that may be little known and that become important throughout the research report.
  • Next is the methodological framework, in which it is expressed what procedure has been carried out for the investigation, together with the methods or instructions followed, indicating the reasons.
  • In the case of the theoretical framework, the hypotheses that unleashed the investigation, the authors and the background that served as a sample.
  • In every investigation report must appear a results sectiona part in which the results of the research carried out are detailed in a structured way, with the different areas or stages, using different conceptual tools that can help put the people who receive the information into perspective.
  • While in the conclusion, an analysis of the results in a specific and relevant context, explaining in a concrete way what the final deduction is.
  • Another part that cannot be missing is the bibliography, in which all the sources of information that have been consulted are indicated; and the attachments, with the additional information, so that they can be reviewed at any time.


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