December has arrived, a long-awaited month for those of us who love to celebrate and, if possible, a little trip doesn’t hurt at all; but in this “End of the year 2024 Where to spend it?”…

The million-dollar question for several families is which is the best place to enjoy the December celebrations in 2023, which is almost over.

At home, at your in-laws’ house, at your aunt’s or sister’s house, or perhaps fleeing from everything and everyone to a magical place that will surprise you.

There are many options and also tastes, the good thing is that there are two dates in which you can indulge in your choice and in turn you can give some pleasure to those who invite you to share those days.

When are the New Year’s Eve holidays?

This question finds a very easy answer from moms and dads with children in school. They are aware of the famous SEP school calendar that tells them that they will soon have to take care of the entertainment and fun of their little ones for a few more hours in the school. day…

The calendar of the Ministry of Public Education indicates that the 2024 End of Year holidays begin on December 18, 2023 until January 8, 2024, the day that school-age children will return to the classrooms.

It is worth clarifying that the winter holidays 2023 – 2024 will have different days for teaching staff, who must comply with their own calendar subject to training that begins on January 3 or 4, depending on the position they hold.

On the other hand, the 2023-2024 year-end vacation days are different for other sectors such as the public administration and the private sector that adjust to their work schedules.

However, it is good to know that December 25, 2023 is a Christmas holiday, mandatory in Mexico. The same happens with January 1, 2024, a mandatory New Year’s holiday. LThe good news is that these two holidays fall on Monday, Yes, a beautiful Long Weekend ideal for traveling…

There is not much to think about, it is time to choose the place you are going to visit… Here are some suggestions in case you can’t decide…

end of year 2024

Best destinations to visit on New Year’s Eve 2024

San Cristóbal de las Casas

Traveling on winter holidays can take you to discover one of the most beautiful places in Mexico, where culture, traditions and beautiful architecture complement each other to dazzle its visitors.

With the chill of the holidays, having a hot chocolate or a delicious Chiapas coffee in a nice cafe downtown is a lovely plan.

Walks through the streets of the city will not be wasted, prepare your outfit and your camera to take the most beautiful photos in dazzling settings.

The food will undoubtedly be another reason to enjoy your visit, a delicious pozole and some tamales with local seasoning you have to try.

Don’t forget to buy some of the incredible pieces that the artisans make, you will surely find many vendors on the streets, but you can also visit the craft markets where there will be textiles, sweets, typical foods and much more.

The Cathedral, the Church of Guadalupe, the Cultural Center of the Altos de Chiapas, the convent of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, are part of the recommended list; If you have time, a tour to the Sumidero Canyon and the Lagunas de Montebello National Park are a plus for an experience that you will always remember.

Acolman, State of Mexico

This beautiful little town is located 43 km from Mexico City, just over an hour, making it ideal for a same-day getaway if you are in the country’s capital.

At the end of the year 2024 you will be able to admire how magical this beautiful destination is, recognized as the place where the piñata of the 7 peaks was born and which every December celebrates the Piñata Fair, an event with many attractions that invite you to participate in the most beautiful traditions.

If you go during fair times, you will have many craft stalls, snacks, beautiful Christmas decorations and of course, a large area where you can admire numerous piñatas.

This is the paradise of piñatas, there you will discover all the colors, sizes, characters and motifs that you can’t even imagine; That is why, even if it is not your birthday, buy the one you like the most, you deserve to pamper yourself and celebrate with it on Christmas night.

A plus, ask about the piñata with punch, a new experience to enjoy.

During the day, take advantage of visiting places like the ex-convent of San Agustín and the Viceregal Museum, the ex-hacienda of San Antonio, the Amistad caves and the La Rinconada tourist park. Likewise, on your walk through the town, do not hesitate to visit a piñata-making workshop, you will like it.

One last suggestion, check out what Christmas bonus masses are, a little history of how beautiful New Year’s Eve is in Mexico.

end of year 2024


During these winter holidays 2023 – 2024, a getaway to the Caribbean is a wonderful plan for those who do not want a cold New Year’s Eve 2024; with temperatures hovering around 25 to 30 degrees, it’s just perfect.

Cozumel is just showing off its recent designation as a Magical Town of Mexico, recognition granted in 2023 and for which it joins its neighbors Bacalar, Isla Mujeres and Tulum that already had the title of magical towns of Quintana Roo.

Keep in mind that Cozumel is an island, so to get there you have alternatives such as taking a ferry from Playa del Carmen, arriving by plane to its international airport, or you can be part of the crew of one of the impressive cruise ships that visit it. .

The island is around 39 km long and 12.8 km wide, that gives you an idea that you can explore it completely.

The sea is a spectacle of nature with its calm and transparent waters, perfect for swimming, snorkeling and enjoying many other water activities, for example a ride on a transparent boat.

Cozumel has the second largest reef in the world, a paradise for diving lovers.

Visit Cielo, Cielito, Colombia, Palancar and other diving areas that are part of the Cozumel Reef National Park, a protected area, you can only get there on authorized tours. Seeing the starfish will be fascinating (be careful, you CANNOT touch them).

In the town, walks in the afternoon, when the sun goes down, have a special charm, visit the church, walk along the boardwalk and appreciate the sunset, visit the craft houses and enjoy the parties in the bars when night comes, It’s all part of a destination that will fascinate you.

end of year 2024

San Luis Potosi

A very good option for those who love the cold, a beautiful city in the north of Mexico that during winter holidays is ideal to explore and enjoy.

A walk through the historic center will be one of the activities that will leave you speechless, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it has an architecture that will become the most beautiful postcards of your visit to the city.

The gastronomic tour is “mandatory”, many delicious foods to try, some enchiladas from Potosí are a delicacy that you cannot deprive yourself of, you can also delight yourself with some gorditas al pastor, some red tacos from Potosí that can be made with cheese or chicken; Go to the market, there are surely other proposals to delight your palate.

The main square has a nice kiosk and a few steps away is the Metropolitan Cathedral, a jewel of baroque architecture, two of the favorite places to visit in the city; The gardens of Plaza del Carmen are another treasure to admire.

Dare to take the tourist bus that takes you to the main attractions, so you will learn more details about such a beautiful city.

In Tangamanga Park you find lakes, the planetarium, the Carlos Amador theater, children’s games, the Popular Culture Museum, as well as an incredible natural setting to walk around.

If you can take advantage of several days in this destination, don’t hesitate, you will surely not be disappointed.


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