You have surely experienced a time when you have run short on money to cover unexpected expenses. In times of need like this, you should have a spare plan. Online cash advance loans may serve as a quick, immediate solution. They are fast and easy to get. And they have adequate charges attached.

Sounds interesting to you? Are you ready to take an obligation on your shoulders? Let’s explore the basics of cash advances.

What Stands behind Cash Advance Loans?

A cash advance loan functions as a short-term loan to take out from banks, credit unions, and direct lenders. The latter is getting more and more popular among borrowers for all the right reasons. Direct lenders have less strict terms and conditions, which promises a higher approval rate.

Potential borrowers will have three main types of cash advance loans to request from lenders. Each of them has its unique specificity. Before you choose one, make sure that you know what to expect from them.

1. Credit card cash advance

You can borrow money from your credit card, which can be withdrawn at an ATM. This option has gained a lot of popularity despite the relatively high expenses. An interest rate of 24% is 6% higher than the average interest rate on financial operations. A 5% fee comes as a company’s service charge for a cash advance online.

2. Merchant cash advance

Cash advance loans may be issued for business purposes as well. Small businesses can cover their gaps by borrowing money under reasonable terms and conditions from private lenders. It can’t be viewed as a long-term solution to corporate difficulties. But it can definitely make your life easier.

When it comes to merchant cash advance, a credit score doesn’t serve as the primary factor to consider. Meanwhile, the loan amount, repayment period, and current income are some of the factors to pay attention to. The loan approval may even require some additional details.

3. Payday loan advance

Payday loans may range from $50 to $1,000 depending on the lender and state restrictions. With the fees of $15 for every $100 taken, interest rates make up 100%+. Due to a short repayment period, the loans are usually eligible for rollovers. This makes them even more costly. This can be a fast cash advance online option to take a chance with.

The Cost of Cash Advance Loans

Borrowing money from direct lenders is never a cheap thing. It just depends on how desperately you need money.

While you may only be concerned with finding a solid loan product, what you should be looking at are the terms and conditions. To be more specific, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Cash advance fees
  • Interest rates
  • ATM or bank fees
  • Repayment terms with additional late and early fees
  • Payment allocation, namely your credit card issuer

Effects of Cash Advances Loans on Your Credit Score

Your credit score isn’t directly affected by the use of cash advance online loans at . Some indirect effects are still possible. For example, if you get a credit card cash advance, you will see your balance growing. This will boost your credit utilization ratio.

When estimating your credit score, a high utilization rate demonstrates that you might be a risky spender. If you end up with a credit limit, your credit score will also be determined.

If you fail to pay back a cash advance loan on time, you will decrease your credit score. Getting credit card cash advance, merchant cash advance, or payday loan advance means high fees and interest rates. Some additional charges can be imposed. To minimize the risks, you should read through the terms and conditions.


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