It is a corner of Europe that little is taken into account, but for that reason it is no longer interesting.

Many travelers are unaware of the wonderful things that Albania has to enjoy. The image that persists is that of four decades ago, in which communism dominated the country. But the situation has changed and it is an accessible and off the beaten path destination that never ceases to amaze.

Albania is a region full of historical ruins, villages that remain undiscovered, beautiful valleys populated by friendly and hospitable people, virgin beaches and mountains that give a spectacular view. It is a corner of Europe that is little taken into account, but not for that reason, it stops being interesting.

The capital of the country is Tirana, a bustling city inhabited by 700,000 people. The official language is Albanian and the total area of ​​its territory is 28,748 km2. Its exact location is southeast of Europe. It shares borders with Greece, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia. Having its coast on the Adriatic Sea, there are also excellent and beautiful beaches.

In Tirana there is an international airport controlled by a private company. That means you can check the available flights. But there is also the option of travel by land from nearby countries or taking a boat in Italy, to cite a case.

If you had never thought of Albania as a destination worth knowing, in the guide you will have whats best places in this wonderful region without having to spend a lot of money.

Banjat Hot Springs

This is one of the most photographed places in southern Albania. Nearby is the town of Permet, where the famous Vjosa River is located. Apart from the hot springs visited by thousands of people, it is el puente ottomano Kadiut, which was built during the Middle Ages. The guides explain that in the nearby caves it is possible to see remains dating back thousands of years. In the currents an authentic natural spa is formed to relax from the routine. To get there, you can go by car or walk for about three hours.

Apollonia Archaeological Park

This archaeological complex is located very close to the city of Fier, the second largest in population in Albania. It houses in its territory temples, seats of administrative authorities and the acropolis. Historians say that it was populated in the 6th century BC, until an earthquake destroyed it. On one side is a 13th century monastery, now used as a museum. There are different architectural elements and other sculptures that show its importance.

Koman Lake and Shala River

Here you have an impressive natural destination. It dams the waters of the Drina River, leading to it becoming a huge lake. Different agencies offer boat tours that can take up to two hours. If you have enough time, they take you to one of the spectacular beaches that are nearby. All who visit the area are impressed by the panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, which are reflected in the crystalline mirror provided by depth.


This city is an essential stop when visiting Albania. The appearance is clearly medieval, with a historical heritage highly valued by the authorities. The welcome is given by a beautiful castle surrounded by nature dominated by immense mountains. It is an authentic representation of the traditions, culture and history of the country. In the middle of the narrow streets there is an old bazaar where all kinds of products are sold. The Murad Bey Mosque, which has been declared a National Heritage, also impacts.


It is known as “the city of a thousand eyes” and is one of the oldest in Albania. It is located at the foot of Mount Tomorr, a huge mountain that due to its geographical characteristics is home to an interesting variety of flora and fauna. Apart from this, Berat is considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco due to its two millennia of history that have influenced its traditions. It has three outstanding neighborhoods, in which you can hire a free tour in order to explore them in depth.


As we always tell you, It is impossible to travel to a country without spending a while in its capital. It is true that it does not have large historical buildings, however, it is interesting to visit it. You should dedicate at least one full day to visit the huge Skanderbeg Square, the Clock Tower, the Pyramid, the Markata E Peshkut Market and the Sky Tower skyscraper. But also, in the city there are thousands of bunkers, including one of 3 kilometers in which there are underground rooms and tunnels. It is worth knowing a little about its raison d’être in the opinion of the natives.

The beaches of the Albanian Riviera

If you want to have a nice time on the beaches of Albania, this is the main point of reference. The waters are turquoise, transparent and warm. The area is really beautiful and in high season it gets crowded with the amount of national and international travelers. Some of the ones that stand out are Kakome, Himare, Borsch, Lukove, Porto Palermo and Ksamil. Each one has its characteristics, so you should do a little research before making the final decision. However, anyone will surely meet your expectations. One of the advantages is that they have most of the services available, as well as hotels of all budgets in which to stay.


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