Menorca is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Its beaches and coves with crystal clear water are postcard. As a curiosity, as a child I was afraid of being in the sea without touching the bottom, until I traveled to Menorca and finally dared to swim in the open sea. The water on its beaches is even clear and calm like in a swimming pool! But do not think that the beaches are the only attraction what to see in Menorca.

There are charming towns, landscapes that will take your breath away and you will be able to try delicious typical products. We tell you a lot of cool plans to do in Menorca, as well as the best places to see on the island so you can enjoy them to the fullest.

At the end of the article you will find a map with all the places to see in Menorca that we mentioned. We hope it helps you plan your visit to the island 🙂


1. Enjoy the best beaches in Menorca

There is nothing like taking a bath on a beach with turquoise waters surrounded by vegetation. Life is better by the Mediterranean! 😉 Here we leave you a list with the most popular beaches and coves in Menorca, although there are countless hidden gems. Note that some of the prettiest coves are only accessible by sea or via paths through wooded areas. If you choose to walk, it is advisable to wear appropriate sports shoes and enough water.

  • Cala Fornells
  • Cala Macarella
  • Cala Cavalleria
  • Cala Galdana
  • It’s Degree
  • Pregonda cove
  • Cala Tamarells
  • Turqueta Cove
  • Cala Morell
  • Cala en Porter

what to see in Menorca
Cala Cavalleria, one of the most beautiful beaches to see in Menorca

2. Take a boat trip

A great option to explore the most hidden coves of Menorca is to rent a boat. You will be able to reach the quietest corners of the island and bathe in crystal clear waters with total peace of mind. It is a pleasure to feel the sea breeze while you sail in search of the next cove! Can rent a boat with skipper in Fornells, ideal to spend incredible hours sailing the Mediterranean in good company.

what to see in Menorca boats
There is nothing like exploring the most beautiful beaches of Menorca by boat

3. Isla de Colom and Isla del Aire, two incredible places to see in Menorca

Did you know Menorca is made up of several islands? Next to the main island there are two islets with amazing landscapes and an atmosphere of pure tranquility. Both Isla de Colom and Isla del Aire are incredible places if you are looking for virgin beaches ideal for snorkeling and contemplate marine life.

what to see in Menorca
The beautiful island of Colom is a very quiet place to see in Menorca


4. Get to know Ciutadella

The old capital of Menorca is an authentic open-air museum. There you will find a lot of medieval squares, the cathedral of Menorca and remains of the old walls. It is a pleasure to walk through its streets and meet historical monuments such as the impressive Castillo de San Nicolás. You shouldn’t miss either Ciutadella portIt is a very cool area to walk at night.

Ciutadella is a charming city to see in Menorca

5. Visit Mahon

Mahón is the capital of Menorca and is well worth visiting. The streets of the historic center are perfect for walking, having a drink or shopping in its shops. The main monument of the city is the La Mola fortress, which was built in the 19th century to defend the port. Other interesting places to visit are the Museum of Menorca, located in a spectacular old convent; he Bastion of Sant Roc; the St. Mary’s Church and the Mahon town hall. Also, if you like to party, in Mahón you will find a lot of nightlife.

6. Get lost in the charming streets of Binibeca

The old town of Binibeca (Binibèquer Vell) is one of the most beautiful places to see in Menorca. This little fishing village by the sea is like a postcard. Lose yourself aimlessly for their narrow streets lined with white buildings and enjoy a delicious meal with fresh seafood in one of its restaurants. A must on any visit to the island!

The most charming white town on the island


7. Discover the historical monuments of the island, something fascinating to see in Menorca

The history of Menorca goes back thousands of years. Already in 2,000 BC there were inhabitants on the island who left a great legacy in the form of taulas, navetas and talayots. These prehistoric constructions are really fascinating. The most famous for its good state of conservation in the naveta des Tudonsbut there is dozens of talayotic villages and samples of these constructions distributed throughout the Menorcan territory. Knowing the megalithic past of the island is one of the best plans to do in Menorca for history lovers.

In addition to megalithic monuments, there are more than a dozen defensive forts to see in Menorca. They were mostly built in the 18th century for military protection purposes, during the period in which the island was under English rule.

what to see in Menorca
Learning about Talayotic Menorca is fascinating

8. Disconnect in the Natural Park of s’Albufera des Grau

This natural park is one of the most magical places to see in Menorca to connect with nature. Located in the northeast of the island, it is full of paths where you can go hiking and enjoy a wide variety of landscapes: views of the sea, freshwater lakes, sand dunes, areas of lush vegetation with many olive trees and wetlands where you can see many birds.

9. Walk through the Barranco de Algendar

In the mood for adventure? You can explore the Menorca’s most important ravinewhich flows into Cala Galdana. Its vertical walls reach 80 meters in height And the views from the top are impressive. To get to the viewpoint of the ravine you can do a easy 8 kilometer round trip hiking route along a path with precious sections. It is a perfect place to see in Menorca on days without much sun!

10. Have a drink in Cova d’En Xoroi, an essential place to see in Menorca

This is one of the most popular places to see in Menorca at sunset. Many times, the most touristy places end up disappointing once you meet them in person. But this is not the case with this incredible cave converted into a bar, it is a magical place to have a drink with incredible views of the sunset over the sea!

A spectacular sunset to end the day in Menorca | © Travelinho

11. Walk the Camí de Cavalls

Would you like to enjoy incredible views of the entire coast of the island? The Camí de Cavalls is a route that surrounds Menorca with a total of 185 kilometers and is intended to be completed in 20 stages. Don’t let these numbers overwhelm you! You can only do a small part and you will enjoy it very much.

you will go through pine forests next to cliffs with wonderful views and you will have access to some of the most hidden beaches in Menorca. Can be done on foot, by bicycle or on horseback (as used to be done in the old days). In fact, this route has its origin in the 14th centurywhen they traveled on horseback to watch the coast and defend the island from invasions.

An incredible route along the Menorcan coast

12. Start the day walking along the Camí Reial

Although it is not as popular as the Camí de Cavalls, you should not miss the Camí Reial either to enjoy Menorcan nature. This route connected Ciutadella and Mahón in Roman times. Now it has become a ideal path to travel on foot or on horseback. On a technical level it is very simple and the most popular section is barely 8km long. Ideal to start the day actively with a walk 🙂

13. Taste the typical food and drink of Menorca

The most typical product of the island is the Mahón-Menorca cheese, made by hand with cow’s milk. Other foods that you will want to take back home are sobrasada and the ensaimadas. To lick your fingers!

While you are on the island, you must try the typical dishes: the delicious Lobster stew y oliaigua, a soup originating from the humble peasants who mixed water, oil and aromatic herbs. Now vegetables are also added to create a delicious and very Mediterranean flavor.

To accompany the delicious Menorcan meals, do not miss the ointment. It is the Menorcan version of the gin and tonic made with Gin Xoriguer, another of the typical products of the island.

14. See spectacular sunsets next to the lighthouses of Menorca

There is no better way to end a day in Menorca than enjoying an incredible sunset. On the island’s cliffs there are numerous lighthouses that create postcard scenes as the sun sets over the sea. Some of the prettiest are Cavalleria, Favàritx and Punta Nati lighthouses.

what to see in Menorca
The Favàritx Lighthouse, one of the most beautiful to see in Menorca

15. Go diving

Diving is another perfect active plan to enjoy Menorca. To the north of the island there is a marine reserve where to observe a lot of marine life: moray eel, grouper, conger eel and octopus are some of the most frequent species in Menorcan waters. Also, there are many caves, grottoes and sunken ships as an extra incentive for divers.

16. Have a great time in the water parks

If you are one of those who enjoys the pool more than the beach, in Menorca you have several water parks where you can take a dip and have a great time. Giant slides, wave pools, trampolines and children’s areas. ohGuaranteed fun for young and old! The main water parks in Menorca are Aqua Center Menorca, Marina Parc, AquaRock, Aqua Park and Carema Splash Park. They are distributed throughout various areas of the island, so surely you have one near your accommodation.

17. See a lot of animal and plant species in the Binissues Museum

Do you fancy a cultural visit? Do not miss this museum that unites science, nature and culture in their exhibitions. You will be able to see more than 8,000 species of insects, butterflies and reptiles. There are also samples of minerals, plants and replicas of mushrooms both from Menorca and from around the world. Is a great activity to do in Menorca with children or if the weather is bad.

18. See the entire island from the top of Monte Toro

We could not finish our list of impressive places to see in Menorca without mentioning the highest peak on the island. Mount Toro gets its name thanks to a legend that says that a feared bull lived there that prevented anyone from approaching the top. But in reality, climbing the 358 of Mount Toro is one of the best things to do in Menorca! can be reached quickly by car, in half an hour by bike or an hour’s walk from Es Mercadal.

The 360º views of the island are great, on clear days you can see neighboring Mallorca. Also, you can visit the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Toro, where Franciscan nuns live. There is also a restaurant to eat with an exceptional panorama.

The views from Monte Toro are worth it | ©IanKirk



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