Are you worried about that first serious trip with your children? Are you afraid of what may happen when traveling as a family? Let’s do a little test to find out how serious things are.

Let’s imagine that after much thought and enduring all kinds of comments like “Total, if you are not going to remember” from all those to whom you feel like saying “Face your own fears, because they are yours”, you finally embark on that first seemingly complicated trip. First of all, say that there are no parents immune to worry about what may happen. We also go through that “procedure” which, on the other hand, is most normal and necessary. At that time, we wrote an article titled “I am a traveling mother, I am afraid” And one thing is linked to the other. Besides, it’s good that it’s like that. Having some uncertainty makes us alert. Fear is one of the fundamental ingredients of survival. Therefore, “welcome fear, pack your bags we are going on a trip.”

Hand of the desert (Chile)

As with everything, there are different levels of risk acceptance and management. Each of us has our own limit above and below and that must be respected. The more comfortable we feel with what we propose to do, the better the final result will be… That? As? (Samante 18:10). Therefore, we are going to do a small test with which we only intend to relax the atmosphere. Make you smile, put yourself in your place and give you some advice that you haven’t asked for and that we insist on spreading to the four winds.

afraid to travel
Flying in a small plane (Puerto Rico)

Instructions for use and enjoyment

Let’s start from a palpable reality. Nobody is watching you. This is not going to get out of here. It’s not about looking good (not bad either). If you don’t tell the complete, complete and well-rounded truth, you are deceiving yourself (remember this phrase?) and the result will take us nowhere. Therefore… may sincerity be strong in you and in your response, may you not be embarrassed or ashamed to position your fears and may something positive come from here. Knowing yourself a little more is a good start before starting any path… That? As?

fear trip
Cable car to Cerro de Monserrate in Bogotá (Colombia)

Start reading and go through states. When you reach one that, for you, is impossible to assume. Go back to the previous one. That is your state of fear before a trip with your children.

1- I don’t take anything or look at anything. It’s more, I hope things happen to us. Whatever. Experiences make you stronger.

2- Why does something have to happen? We will travel on our own, as we have always done.

fear travel family
Serrano Glacier (Chile)

3- If something happens, I guess we will find what we need wherever we go. Overall, it’s a couple of weeks. There are children in all parts of the world.

4- I take an apiretal and that’s it.

5- I take good travel insurance because anywhere (even at home) something can happen… but not traveling is not an option for me.

6- In addition to medical insurance, We will hire all the excursions and activities. We feel calmer if there is someone who knows what he is doing. We don’t want surprises.

scary baby trip
Bryce Canyon (United States)

7- Before traveling I look for information in a thousand blogs and child health pages to have everything under control. Possible endemic diseases, prevention, vaccines, what to do with food, etc. I don’t want surprises.

8- I take everything I need for my baby/child even if we carry 7 suitcases. It is very possible that there is nothing at all where we are going. Likewise, I will be very careful not to let him get close to anything or touch anything.

9- Just in case, I will send a WhatsApp with the exact location of where we are to a family member or friend.

10- I choose the hotel based on where there is a hospital nearby. “What if we are far from each other and the taxi driver doesn’t understand me?”

fear trip
“To the rich and crispy chicken leg” (China)

11- When we eat, Adults will order different dishes in case something is bad.. This way we make sure that there is one who can take care of the little one.

12- We have always been very travelers but now that we are a family, It is having a hard time launching ourselves again.. Let’s see if one of these days…

afraid to travel
Salinas Grandes (Argentina)

13- We don’t leave our country… just in case. There are already plenty of interesting places here. I want to be 15 minutes from a hospital where they speak my language or three or four hours (at most) from mine.

14- Traveling is dangerous. Better at home. If he wants, let him travel when he is older. Spot. Do not talk more.

15- “Seven hours by plane? We are crazy? What need is there to go through that? It probably hurts your ears… and the jet lag… and the people… No, no. No kidding”.

afraid to fly
Surviving a flight with a baby is not as difficult as it seems.


1- Until we would think about whether to go on a trip with you. For you, going down the Amazon River with your baby must be like a peaceful episode of “Vacation at Sea.” Ideal destinations: countries in conflict or in times of natural disasters. Anywhere above 7000 meters or North Sentinel Island can also be a good option.

2-3 You carry the journey inside. You have no intention of giving up what you have felt traveling the world. What’s more, you think that it is even better for everyone not to change their lives like the benefits of traveling for your children. Ideal destinations: any that you feel like and that does not pose a clear risk to anyone in the family. Choose… the world is big. Read some of our guides for traveling with children by destination

4- You are going to have a great time. After this first trip, nothing will be the same again.. Ideal destinations: Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, South Africa…

fear trip
Charlaokiondo in Swaziland

5-7 Traveling alone or as a couple is not the same as traveling with your family. Of course, it only requires a small adaptation period. As soon as you see that it is not as complicated as it seems, You will cross off the list other countries that now seem impossible to you. Ideal destinations: United States, Japan…

9-11 You carry little superstitions stuffed in your pocket. Nothing serious. In addition to traveling around your country, you can go to a border country. Ideal destinations if, for example, you live in Spain: any country in Europe.

boulders beach pinguinos
Penguins in Cape Town (South Africa)

12- On the least expected day, you suddenly reach point 4. It’s like when you first decided to travel by backpack. That decision will return. Those sensations will return.

13- You have to start somewhere and I’m sure your country is incredible. Expand the radius of the trip little by little. Little by little, with more and more confidence, you will want more. And if not, nothing happens. Most countries cannot be fully explored even in a lifetime.

scary baby trip
Valle Arco Iris (Chile)

14- So do not talk anymore. The important thing is to feel good about what you do. If you are happy like this, that is what you have to do.

15- Let’s see, if you don’t want to travel, then you don’t travel. But no need to make excuses. The best thing is to say it openly and that’s it.

And so far, a new article about the fears and fears that come with the mixing of two supposedly volatile artifacts: children and travel. We hope that, in some way, it helps to take the edge off the matter.

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