To the south of Mexico City is one of the most visited sites by locals and visitors due to its historical importance, entertainment offer, and centuries-old tradition.

Xochimilco, which means field of flowers in Nahuatl, is one of the 16 mayors of the capital. The growth of the metropolis has gradually reduced the lake basin of the Valley of Mexico, leaving as a vestige of Lake Xochimilco (one of the 5 bodies of water in the area) the channels that trajineras run through today.

Photo: Karla Campos | Miriam Rivera

These wooden boats carry between 10 and 25 people, making them a great way to celebrate or enjoy some quality time on the water. Although it is very popular for families and friends to eat and drink on a trajinera in Xochimilco, we share a slightly different option to launch this weekend.

What are chinampas?

First of all, we have to answer a question: what is a chinampa? According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Blog, “the chinampa is a farming method that was used by the Mexicas to expand the territory in lakes and lagoons in the Valley of Mexico and where they grew flowers and vegetables.”

Photo: Karla Campos | Miriam Rivera

This technique, which sought to gain space for water to sow and harvest, was declared by UNESCO, in 1987, a World Heritage Site. Currently, many of these chinampas are no longer used for agriculture and in order to recover this important space, they have begun to carry out activities with visitors in cooperation with producers and merchants in the area.

Music and food, what more can we ask for?

Under this premise, the team of Sound Travel He carries out activities in the area and at Alan around the World we had the opportunity to spend a very pleasant afternoon with his spring music tour.

After embarking on the Seven Conejos trajinera and a tour with live saxophone music, sweets to whet the appetite and a pleasant conversation, we arrived at the chinampa where a meal worthy of Fudis around the World began.

The dishes were a salad with pasta and a red fruit dressing that contrasted the flavors. Our floral dessert was in charge of chef Abimael Arizmendi and we closed the meal with pulques and cured Villa’s Lung.

Photo: Karla Campos | Miriam Rivera

With a full belly and a happy heart, we returned to the trajinera to continue eating (they did not stop pampering us). On this occasion, they were tapas of cold meats and cheeses, accompanied by craft beer brewed in Xochimilco.

Photo: Karla Campos | Miriam Rivera

Live music was the soundtrack of our trip, in which we had the opportunity to visit a chinampa where flowers were planted and we bought a pot of lavender, everything smelled good!

Also, we visited a salamander to learn more about this species native to this area and raise awareness about its care, illegal sale and what we can do to help its conservation.

Photo: Karla Campos | Miriam Rivera

Photo: Karla Campos | Miriam Rivera

Finally we say goodbye to the last rays of sun in a spectacular sunset accompanied by new friends, music and the occasional surprise. Would you dare to go on this musical tour?

Photo: Karla Campos | Miriam Rivera

For more information about this and other activities such as picnics and sunrises in trajineras, check the social networks of Sound Travel.


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