Are you looking for good restaurants to eat cheaply in Hamburg? In general, eating well and cheaply in Germany is not an easy task. However, we try to make it easier for you by searching and trying some restaurants in Hamburg. The positive part is that in the city you will find restaurants for all tastes and budgets. But which ones are the best? In this post we tell you 7 restaurants where you can eat well and cheaply in Hamburg.

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1. Vapiano

A classic that never fails and that we love. Furthermore, in Germany it is especially cheap, since the chain is German. For you to have a reference, it is an Italian food restaurant that prepares whatever you order in front of you. It is very well priced, pasta dishes from €8and they have a wide variety of pizzas, soups and salads.

Hay two locations in Hamburg, both located in the center. If you have never tried it, we recommend it: a great option for cheap eats in Hamburg.

A pasta dish at Vapiano, great for a cheap meal in Hamburg

2. Frau Möller, one of our favorite restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Hamburg

If you are looking a good restaurant where you can eat well and cheaply in Hamburg, you probably don’t have to look any further than this restaurant. We loved it! Serving typical and simple dishes of German gastronomy at very reasonable prices. That’s why the place is always full!

Besides, It will serve you for breakfast, lunch and even dinner.. Of course, if you are going to go at night, it is advisable to make a reservation since it is always full, both with locals and tourists.

We recommend you try their delicious Schnitzel for only €11.90, one of the classics of German gastronomy. Will not disappoint you!

But something very important that you should keep in mind is that they only accept cash payments.

3. Erdapfel Hamburg, a good restaurant to eat in Hamburg for vegans and vegetarians

If you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, this restaurant will suit you like a glove. Eating healthy and cheap in Hamburg has never been easier.

Their specialty is roast potatoes, with a wide variety of ingredients suitable for vegetarians and vegans.. They are big and delicious! In addition, all the ingredients that accompany them are fresh and of high quality. The dishes will cost you around €10.but they will satisfy you.

The restaurant is small and cozy. In addition, its location is very convenient, next to the Chilehaus, one of the most emblematic buildings in Hamburg. Don’t miss it on your list of the best restaurants where you can eat well and cheaply in Hamburg!

4. Edelcurry, one of the best places to eat cheaply in Hamburg

Do you feel like trying local fast food? Then this place is for you. As you well know, sausages are a very typical ingredient in most local dishes. One of the most emblematic is Currywurst, which consists of a sliced ​​sausage, accompanied by ketchup and curry powder.. Simple but delicious!

In this restaurant You can eat a portion of Currywurst for only €4.60. If you fancy something healthier, they also have very affordable salads, although the highlight is their Currywurst. Of course, don’t miss a good beer to accompany it!

5. Brücke 10, to eat the best fish sandwiches from Hamburg

You can’t leave Hamburg without trying its most famous sandwich. Its about fish sandwiches, a sandwich with pickled or marinated herring accompanied by pickles, onion, remoulade sauce and radish sauce. We are not big fans of fish, but if you like it, it is a very typical thing to do in Hamburg.

Furthermore, the positive thing is that You can eat them from €4.20. Ideal for cheap eats in Hamburg! And tasting them with views of the Elbe is a unique experience. Of course, in winter it is terribly cold!

6. Quan Do Main Station

Do you like Vietnamese food? Many times, choosing to eat Asian delicacies is a great way to save. Right next to the central station, you can delight in this Vietnamese restaurant. We loved it! They have a lot of variety on their menu and the portions are generous. In our case, We recommend you eat their delicious Pho for only €10.50. It is the most popular typical dish in Vietnam!

However, as we have said, they have a wide variety of options at really affordable prices. In addition, the atmosphere is cozy and the food is delicious. Definitely, A fantastic option for cheap eats in Hamburg.

7. Das Bistro, a fantastic option for cheap eats in Hamburg

In Hamburg we need more restaurants of this concept: nice and cheap. Das Bistro has a menu with many products: abundant pasta dishes and pizzas from €8, salads from €6.50… In short, a great option for cheap food in Hamburg.

The only drawback is that it’s a little far from the center, specifically right next to the Stadtpark. So if you plan to go north of Hamburg, you won’t need to waste another minute looking for a restaurant.

eat cheap in Hamburgeat cheap in Hamburg
Hamburg, a beautiful city

8. Pizza Bande

And finally, to finish this post about the best restaurants to eat cheap in Hamburg, we didn’t want to forget to mention this pizzeria. To be honest, andAmong young locals, the restaurant has a reputation for serving the best pizzas in Hamburg.

Located in the curious neighborhood of Sankt Pauli, this restaurant offers a wide variety of pizzas. The place is quite small and is usually full of young people, since it is a quite lively area for those who like to go out.

So that you have a reference, The pizza base costs €10.50 and from there you add the ingredients you want. They are all fresh and of very good quality!

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On this map you will find located all the restaurants where to eat cheap in Hamburg that we have mentioned previously.


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