Don’t know what to see in Hamburg? It is one of the most recommended cities to see in Germany. Among its main attractions you can visit a port that takes us back to the Industrial Revolution, a charming historic center and other very curious attractions. It is a cold but fantastic city! In this post we tell you 25 things to see and do in Hamburg so you don’t miss anything interesting.

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1. Be amazed by the beauty of the Rathaus, one of the most beautiful buildings to see in Hamburg

If it is your first time in Germany or a Germanic-speaking country, city ​​hall means town hall. This term caught on quickly for us because they are all usually beautiful. In addition, the surrounding streets usually have a beautiful atmosphere, especially at Christmas.

The Hamburg City Hall, in neo-Renaissance style, is one of the most beautiful in the country. It dates back to 1897 and its tower is its main icon. Without a doubt, an essential building to see in Hamburg.

Hamburg’s impressive rathaus left us impressed

2. Get lost Speicherstadt and its channels

In the port of Hamburg you can discover this wonderful place. It’s our favorite place in Hamburg! It is the largest warehouse district with wooden stilts in the world. Its buildings, perfectly preserved, were the warehouses where ships unloaded their merchandise..

Originally, the neighborhood It was built as a free zone to transfer goods without paying customs. Now it is even more interesting because it is part of a redevelopment project and it is becoming a very cool area crossed by canals. Do not miss it!

what to do in Hamburgwhat to do in Hamburg
The interesting Warehouse District

3. Be amazed by the beautiful Hamburg central station

Hamburg has an amazing train station. And also super important! If you have time, you can take one of their trains to visit Bremen, which is also worth it and doesn’t fall very far. To give you an idea of ​​the importance of this season, It is the second busiest in Europe only surpassed by the Gare du Nord in Paris.

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4. Cross the Alter Elbtunnel, a very curious activity to do in Hamburg for free

This underground tunnel is one of the most curious places to see in Hamburg. It crosses under the River Elbe and it is interesting to go to the other bank to have fantastic views of Hamburg. And the best of all is that Crossing it is totally free!

what to do in Hamburgwhat to do in Hamburg
Crossing this tunnel is an essential thing to do in Hamburg

5. Count from the port how many bridges there are over the river

Hamburg is the city of bridges. Although at first it seems like there aren’t too many, you’ll see that you don’t finish that quickly. For reference, they say that Hamburg has more bridges than any other city in Europe. That is why it is also known as one of the “Venice of the North” along with St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, Witches, Stockholm y Copenhagen.

6. Visit the International Maritime Museum in Hafen City

Are you interested in the city’s maritime history? Visiting this museum will help you understand much more about the history of Hamburg. This museum It is located in Hamburg’s oldest warehouse, dating back to 1879. 3000 years of history are summarized in a single museum!

A good place to discover a very important part of the city’s history. Admission costs €17 and it is one of the most interesting visits to do in Hamburg.

7. Visit the beautiful Elbe Philharmonic

Built in 2017, The Hamburg Philharmonic is considered one of the largest and most acoustically advanced concert halls in the world.. Almost nothing! Its design is very striking and has become one of the emblems of the city skyline. Don’t forget to photograph it!

8. See the world in miniature at Miniatur Wunderland, one of the best things to do in Hamburg

Do you like the world in miniature? Then you can’t miss this museum! It had been a long time since we had enjoyed an attraction so much until we visited it. There are several representations of parts of the world in miniature. For example, Switzerland, Central Germany, the United States…

Admission for adults is a bit expensive; It costs €20, but it is one of the most interesting visits to do in Hamburg.

what to do in Hamburgwhat to do in Hamburg
This attraction is the best thing to do in Hamburg

9. Take a walk around Plants and Flowers

It is the park par excellence of Hamburg. In Germany they take great care of green spaces and Hamburg is no exception. This botanical garden is located in the heart of the city. Walk inside and enjoy the lungs of Hamburg!

10. Hallucinate the Church of San Miguel and climb its bell tower

The Church of San Miguel is the most beautiful religious building in the city. It is one of the five Protestant churches in the city. If you want to have excellent views of Hamburg, We advise you to go up to its viewpoint. It is located at 132 meters high and is an essential activity to do in Hamburg. Admission costs €5.

11. See and visit the Captain San Diego

Es one of the ships that is docked in the port of Hamburg. You’ll see that locating it is easier than counting the bridges there are. It’s huge! Inside this cargo ship there is a very interesting museum to learn more about the operation of the ship.

12. Walk through the peculiar neighborhood of Sankt Paulione of the most curious things to do in Hamburg

Although we didn’t find him friendly at all, it’s curious. It is similar to the red light district of Amsterdam and at night prostitution and illegal drug sales They are a reality. If you like walking, Sankt Pauli It is the epicenter of the city’s nightlife: bars, discos, cabarets, brothels…

If you’re traveling with your family, it may not be the most pleasant place to stop by, but if you’re curious, it’s one of the most touristy places to see in Hamburg.

what to do in Hamburgwhat to do in Hamburg
The Sankt Pauli neighborhood in a photo

13. Take a Free Tour of Hamburg

A good way to have a first contact with the city is by taking a free tour. It will allow you to get to know the main attractions of the city and then enjoy them more peacefully. As its name indicates, it is free (or almost). Once it’s over, you set the price.

14. Try the fish sandwiches, one of the best things to do in Hamburg

Being a port city, fish is a very important food in local cuisine. One of its signature dishes is fischbrötchen, a sandwich with pickled or marinated herring accompanied by pickles, onion, remoulade sauce and radish sauce.

You can especially try them in May, when for the anniversary celebrations of the port of Hamburg many food stalls are set up where these sandwiches are served. However, Throughout the year you can also find them in various corners of the city, especially in the restaurants located on the banks of the Elbe River or in the food stalls at the fish market held on Sundays.

If you want to discover the best place to eat fish sandwiches in Hamburg, ve a Brücke 10.

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15. And also the Franzbrötchen!

If you don’t dare with the previous sandwich, We recommend you try this typical pasta from Hamburg and northern Germany in general. It is a mix between a crescent and a cinnamon roll, which is usually made with a puff pastry filled with sugar and cinnamon. They are spectacular!

If you are looking for the best place to try it, we recommend you go try it at the Kleine Konditorei pastry shop, which has already won several awards for these sweets. Delicious!

16. Browse around Portuguese Quarter, one of the best things to do in Hamburg

As its name indicates, is the Portuguese district of the city. When you walk through its streets you will feel like you are in a completely different city. Furthermore, it is a good place where eat cheap in Hamburg and delight in the country’s traditional cuisine. If you don’t know the country, we will tell you 25 essential places to see in Portugal.

17. Put yourself in the shoes of a blind person in Dialogue in the dark

Translated as Dialogue in the Dark, if you want to have an experience that is difficult to forget, you have to go there. You will have the opportunity to put you in the skin of a blind person. Without a doubt, an activity that we especially recommend to value what we have. Admission costs €16.50.

18. Delight in the Hamburg Art Gallery, one of the best visits to do in Hamburg

If you like art you can’t miss it your most important gallery. It has works of many styles, from the great Peter Paul Rubens to the radical Andy Warhol. Admission costs €16 and a visit is highly recommended for art lovers.

19. Sit on a bench and appreciate the beauty of Lake Alster

Despite being artificial, Lake Alster is beautiful. In addition, from the other side you will have spectacular views of the city skyline behind, especially during dusk. Don’t think twice!

Hamburg night falling over Alster lake

20. Learn about chocolate at CHOCOVERSUM, one of the best things to do in Hamburg

You like chocolate? Then don’t miss the opportunity to visit CHOCOVERSUM. Have interactive tours Super interesting to learn about the history of chocolate and also where to taste it. You can even design your own bar! Without a doubt, a highly recommended activity to do in Hamburg with children and to take advantage of rainy days.

Admission costs €19 for adults and €11 for children.. Of course, keep in mind that there are no tours in Spanish.

21. Have a great time at Hamburger Dom

It is the city’s fair par excellence. It is also very central, right next to the Planten un Blomen. You will have at your disposal all kinds of attractions, food stalls… Without a doubt, a good place to have fun in Hamburg.

22. Visit the Staircase district on the outskirts of the city

Before It was a small fishing village. and now it is a neighborhood of people with great purchasing power. A curious visit!

23. Take a typical photo of Hamburg from the Alsterarkaden

As you can see in the photo below, it is an avenue with beautiful white arches full of commercial establishments.

The typical photo to take in Hamburg to remember

24. Hallucinate the statue of Otto van Bismarck

He was the first chancellor of the German Empire and in Germany it is a national icon. He is especially loved in Hamburg, since it is in this city where the largest statue in his honor is located.

25. Visit Lübeck, one of the best excursions to do in Hamburg

If you have time, Another interesting thing to do in Hamburg is escape to visit this beautiful medieval town. That’s where Willy Brandt was born.important political figure in German history.


On this map you will find marked the best things to see and do in Hamburg.


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