Waiting for a flight in Seattle after a great adventure through the mountains is something very common for many of the hikers who visit the mountains of northern Washington, also the Seattle airport is quite used by thousands of travelers around the world for the amount of connections it has with all the destinations in the world. It is a very busy airport.

If you are a traveler, surely at some point you will have to make a stopover in that city and you will walk like thousands of travelers with suitcases through the streets of Seattle.

And thanks to this, travelers have many options to leave their luggage and be able to visit the city a little lighter.

There are several companies that offer you the service to store your luggage while you travel around the city.

Seattle is also known as “The Door to Alaska”, since it has many options to cross by boat to Alaska, many cruise ships arrive at the port of Seattle, it is undoubtedly a city that has many options to connect the world.

And so as not to lose the habit, Paco (my dog) and I also did it.

After our adventure along the Pacific Trail, we decided to wait in Seattle for a couple of days for our flight to return home and it has been a pretty hard place to live that transition that feels from an experience between mountains to arrival in a big city. .

In Seattle you can feel the daily life that most human beings live in the world, I could see all the fear that I felt being in the mountains, the fear of what the world is becoming, the humanitarian crises that are becoming evident in each street of the big cities, what is happening in the world every day and that inside the mountains (although in a more silent way), you can also see in the rivers that the water no longer runs, in the disappearance of its glaciers and in the clandestine felling of all its forests and in the dispossession of territories. Social and environmental problems that have also reached the mountains and that when you arrive in a city you can see why.

After having been away from the cities for a while, arriving in Seattle filled me with anguish and desolation. It scared me to arrive in a city like Seattle, I felt so small and so lost.

I don’t remember seeing a city as sad as Seattle. I don’t get a good impression of this city and in Petfriendly terms it certainly has a whole world to build.

Seattle failed to captivate me and here I am going to tell you why.

Since my experience traveling with a dog was very unfortunate.

It was the first city where I felt unsafe walking down any street with my dog. Walking is one of our favorite activities for Paco and I, we really enjoy traveling the world in this way.

But this time, the streets of Seattle feel really inaccessible, due to the difficulty of walking them, narrow streets and too many steep slopes, for those of us who live with a physical problem in some part of our body, it is really difficult to walk those streets. If you have a knee problem, this city is not for you.

On the other hand, we were able to visit some places to pass the time before our flight back home.

We visit one of the most popular markets in the world. “Pike Place Market” where we find varieties of food and curiosities from around the world. This place is quite a surprise in a city like Seattle.

It has always seemed beautiful to me to have an exchange of cultures within food, I love seeing how nature in every part of the world gives us wonderful and so different things.

If you are a food lover, that place is for you.

You will find a wide variety of foods from any part of the world, the most famous offer in the market is a place that is dedicated to the sale of seafood, its most glamorous offer is to sell “wild salmon” from Alaska. This place is famous throughout the world for its way of selling food, I will not tell you the name because it will be the first thing you see when you enter the market. There are also bookstores, antiques, cultural stores that are very interesting.

On the other hand, we visited the first Starbucks in the world, a small place located in front of “PIKE PLACE MARKET”, it is one of the most visited places in this city for being the place where the largest coffee company in the world was born.

To be able to visit her, you will have to stand in a line of 20 min or more depending on the day and time of your visit, it is not Petfriendly, they will ask you to leave your dog outside, (with me they were accessible) because Paco was inside his carrier bag .

I really do not recommend you to visit it, it is not a worthwhile place, the place is very small and it becomes uncomfortable to visit.

There are no tables and places to sit, it is only the experience of seeing how the first Starbucks in the world was and the products that you can buy with the original logo. (Don’t expect a guided tour or an explanation of the place), it’s like any cafeteria.

We also did a long tour of the city and its parks and I really recommend you go very light and with very comfortable clothes. The city of Seattle is quite difficult to walk, the streets are crazy.

And of course, we visit the famous gum wall, (GUM WALL), it is a small brick wall covered in used gum that is located below “pike place market” where thousands of people have stuck their gum on that wall . In 1993 the first gums were glued and in 1999 they considered it a tourist attraction. Movies have been shot here and it is quite a popular photo spot. It is considered the most germ-contaminated tourist attraction.

Transportation is quite easy and they have good connections to the airport and they are quite accessible with animals. In that aspect I had a good experience.

I think that many travelers have almost the same tour of the city of Seattle, in a short time you can visit the most famous places in Seattle, it does not take many days to get to know it and if your flight has a very large layover in this city, you will surely have the enough time to get to know him.

I always like to remember that this is my experience and that it is not the only truth. Seattle may be something else for you.

If you have more specific questions about this destination, do not hesitate to contact me through my IG: @KARLAANDPACO

Source: https://alanxelmundo.com/2-dias-en-seattle-con-un-perro-y-una-mochila/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=2-dias-en-seattle-con-un-perro-y-una-mochila

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