Romantic relationships are sometimes not easy, it can be a situation in which the couple falls into monotony, boredom, tedium from day to day.

That is why it is important to nurture courtship or even life as a married couple or in a free union, day by day, always respecting the personal space of each one and their personal freedom.

One of the most recommended things to strengthen the relationship and get away from boredom is to go on a trip, live new experiences together that become beautiful and fun memories.

On this occasion you will know some recommendations in the State of Jalisco, specifically on what to do in puerto vallarta and it is that culture, good food, music, the sea and the beach are a constant in this community. An ideal destination to visit as a couple.

Relax in a spa day with your partner

Undoubtedly, couples go through moments of stress in which situations such as work, responsibilities and also daily coexistence begin to weigh.

This has nothing to do with a lack of affection, but with a physical and mental exhaustion that sometimes results in fights when the person explodes and lets out all that frustration.

For this reason, spending a day at the spa in Puerto Vallarta is one of the alternatives most requested by couples.

A relaxing and decontracting massage is ideal to leave behind the physical load of stress. Accompanied by mineral oils, hot stones, aromatherapy and amenities designed to rest your muscles.

Temazcal Ritual in Puerto Vallarta

In some points of Puerto Vallarta it is possible to take temazcal baths, although it should be noted that if you can’t stand high temperatures, this experience may not be so much to your liking.

The temazcal is a type of sauna of pre-Hispanic origin, in Mesoamerica it was used as a healing ritual that not only reconstructed the body, but also the spirit.

In some cases, a guide will be taking care of you and your partner so that you can live this experience that many say is extrasensory, in a safe way.

Finally, when you finish you can take a shower or cool off in the warm waters of the beach.

Puerto Vallarta Boardwalk

Imagine that after a day at the spa you can take a walk with your partner and watch the sunset in the Puerto Vallarta boardwalkone of the largest in the State with more than 1500 meters in length.

Banderas Bay, as well as a large number of restaurants, shops, clubs and even art galleries surround this site.

In the Aquiles Serdán Amphitheater, acts of street artists and also plays are sometimes performed, do not forget to take your souvenir photo in the Arcos del Malecón.

sustainable activities

And for those couples who want to live an experience in contact with nature without affecting it in the process, the sustainable activities in Puerto Vallarta They are specially designed for them.

You can start with a menu of extreme activities in the Canopy River, throw yourself from the zip line, see the huge waterfalls and navigate the river, free fall, rappel and walks for the more relaxed.

Do not forget to take the gastronomic tour of the Vallarta Botanical Garden with a meal at the Hacienda de Oro restaurant where they prepare dishes made with ingredients from the same garden.

swim with dolphins

Undoubtedly, fun activities attract the attention of couples and one of the most interesting and entertaining is swimming with dolphins.

This also counts as an ecotourism activity, for example, in Wildlife Connection, part of the profits are invested in research programs and protection of local fauna.

This benefits species such as dolphins and sea turtles, as for dolphins, they are in freedom and are very friendly with people, without a doubt a fun experience that you should live as a couple.


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