Eating cheap in Prague is easy. The Czech capital is a perfect city for lovers of good beer, but it also has exquisite dishes that you must try. Prague is a fairly economical destination, so, when it comes to tasting the quality of its cuisine, you will not spend as much and you will still be able to delight your palate. Comer cheap in Prague yes it is possible. The options are many: bristle codillo, goulash o roasted duck. Czech specialties cannot be missing on any visit to Prague. Take note of the 10 best restaurants to eat cheap in Prague.

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1. Vapiano, our favorite restaurant where you can eat cheaply in Prague

Although this is not a typical Czech food restaurant, it is It is an excellent option where to eat cheap in Prague. Wherever we go we always find a Vapiano location. In this restaurant Italian food you can eat pasta dishes and delicious pizzas at very affordable prices. Normally this chain is already cheap, but in Prague it is much cheaper.

What is most striking is that they cook in front of you., it is a relief to know that it is freshly prepared food and not stored away. You choose the type of pasta, the sauce and then the ingredients to your liking. Definitely, our favorite place to eat cheap in Prague. Luckily there is three locations in the city, so you will have no excuses! It is an option that saves you from any trouble, especially if you still don’t feel like trying Czech cuisine.

A pasta dish at Vapiano

2. St. Martin

If you want to try some of the typical dishes of the Czech Republic, then you should go to St. Martin. It’s a top-notch option! It is located very close to the Prague Castle, so you can go after knowing the main attraction of the city. The dishes are very goodthe waiters are super friendly and are willing to explain any questions you may have about the traditional dishes. The knuckle is finger-licking good!

They also have a wide variety of very cheap beers. And since you are in Prague, you should definitely try some. Furthermore, there is a terracita ideal when the weather is good and Wi-Fi freewhat more could you ask for for a little more €10 per head?

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3. Our meat

This is one of the most curious places to eat cheap in Prague. It is more of a butcher shop than a restaurant. But the dishes are very good! If you are a carnivore and want to try traditional Czech food, don’t miss it.

We advise you order the delicious meat pie or their delicious burgers, which cost a little more than €5. The only drawback is that the place is small and eating there can be somewhat uncomfortable. Don’t expect it to be the most luxurious place in Prague either because it is rather simple, but the food is well worth it.

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4. Jewel Café Bar

If you are looking for a romantic place to eat in Prague, this will be perfect for its intimate and relaxing atmosphere. Jewel Café Bar is a slightly more expensive option than the previous ones for eat in Prague, but it is quite a gift for what it offers. You’ll even be fine if you want treat yourself during the stay in the Czech capital.

The menu is quite extensive and is characterized by offering international food and also Czech specialties. The truth is that both options are delicious. Besides, the presentation of the dishes is very well cared for and the service is great. Such a luxury of scene by about €20 per person, much less than what a dinner of that type would cost in Spain.

5. Pasta Krusta

as good pasta lovers We couldn’t forget this restaurant. The format is very similar to Vapiano. When you enter you grab a tray, cutlery and drink until you reach the counter. Over there they cook in front of you the type of pasta you choose with your favorite sauce. Can add as many ingredients as you want and the result is always spectacular. Nothing like a delicious portion of freshly made pasta!

At Pasta Krusta they also offer salads Just as delicious and healthy as pasta. We must admit that the place overall looks like a Vapiano-inspired copy. And the food is just as good! Is a great option for cheap eats in Prague.

eat cheap in Pragueeat cheap in Prague
Pasta Krusta, a great option for cheap eats in Prague

6. Giovanni Pizzeria Restaurant

Located in the historic center of Prague and close to the astronomical clock, this restaurant is spectacular. Not only because of its food but also because it preserves the old architecture and makes it very authentic. Although we always recommend trying the country’s typical food, an Italian never hurts.

They have excellent pizzas from €9 and delicious pasta dishes for around €10-11. If you go in summer, don’t hesitate to dine at one of the tables outside the premises. Definitely, one of the best restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Prague.

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7. Alriso Risotteria, a restaurant where you can eat in Prague for celiacs

Are you looking for food for celiacs in Prague? Believe it or not, an Italian restaurant will be your salvation. Put it on your list! Alriso Risotteria is also a restaurant specializing in gluten-free food, something that celiacs will appreciate and that is also difficult to find. But here you will have nothing to worry about because their entire extensive menu is gluten-free.

However, you must consider that This place is a little more expensive than the others we have recommended. But if you are celiac you know that eating gluten-free has its price. There are dishes from €14 onwards, although we must admit that the portions are abundant and you will be more than satisfied. Neither the price nor its location are excuses.

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8. Black Pepper

Pepe Nero is a fabulous restaurant with scrumptious dishes. It is also located near the Old Town Square, one of the best areas where to stay in Prague. Yes ok, It’s a little more expensive than the average restaurant in the city, but it’s worth it. You can see how the chef makes your pizza stone oven. It’s fabulous! In addition, one of the restaurant’s specialties is its desserts. If you want a recommendation, Don’t leave there without trying their homemade tiramisu.

9. Dish Fine Burger Bistro

If you like quality fast food, this is the one. best American food restaurant to eat in Prague. The dishes are worth repeating! We love this type of food, although honestly, when traveling, we prefer to eat in traditional restaurants in the city. Still, varying a little isn’t bad. The quality of their burgers is spectacular and each one will cost you just over €11. Don’t miss it on your list!

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10. Pastar Restaurant and Food, a good restaurant to eat cheap in Prague

And finally, to finish this post of the best restaurants where to eat cheap in Prague We couldn’t forget this place. If you like good pasta, this is another of the places that you cannot leave. The dishes are made with fresh products and that is very noticeable in the final result. The place boasts about it! In addition, they have a store where you can buy their products. It is a little more expensive than the previous ones, but A hearty pasta dish will not cost you more than €15.


Sometimes on their website they usually have discounts applicable to their menu. You have to be attentive!



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