The curiosities of Prague will make you really want to travel to the Czech capital. From the very close relationship of the Czechs with beer to the history of their most famous monuments. It is a beautiful destination where you will have a great time! The capital of Czech Republic It is a very beautiful city, with lots of history and beautiful architecture. In this post we tell you 10 interesting facts about Prague so that you can get to know the city in an enjoyable and fun way.

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1. The Charles Bridge hides a numerical meaning

This is one of the Most famous places to visit in Prague, but before crossing it you must know its history. Charles IV laid the first stone of this famous monument at 5:31 a.m. on July 9, 1357 because he was very superstitious. According to astrology and numerologyit was a good time because of the numbers that make it up: 1-3-5-7-9-7-5-3-1 (year, day, month and hour).

The most emblematic bridge in Prague hides a curiosity

2. The Czech Republic is the country where the most beer is drunk per capita, one of the most surprising curiosities of Prague

Try a guess the number of liters each inhabitant of the Czech Republic drinks per year. Nothing more and nothing less than 150 liters of beer! This figure includes the total population (children, men and women of all ages), which means that it is actually something else. Still, it is a surprising number!

That’s equivalent to almost half a liter a day. But of course, it’s understandable when you see that water is more expensive than beer in bars! So asking for water when you eat in restaurants will cost you more than having a beer. Jokes aside, if you’re hungry we’ll let you some restaurants where to eat cheap in Prague.

3. There are babies crawling around the Prague TV tower

Do not panic! We’ll start by saying that these babies are not real. It is the work of a famous sculptor from the city, David Černy. He is known for his humorous works that decorate the city. You can see the babies closer in Kampa park, next to the museum of modern art. Babies have barcodes on their faces, but don’t be surprised because there are more peculiar works by this author around the city. An example is the two men peeing at the entrance of the Kafka Museum.

This is one of the Prague curiosities strangest things we hear. It is a herbal liqueur, although the truth is that it looks not at all appetizing. It is said that this drink It has digestive properties and is a good option to serve as appetizers.. They even sell half-liter bottles in the Prague Zoo online store, but since alcohol is not allowed to be sent by mail, you have to go pick it up in person. Don’t worry! that There is not a drop of elephant urine in the ingredients.. Do you dare to try it?

5. Prague Castle is the largest in the world

Prague would not be as fascinating without its beautiful castle. It was built in the 9th century and It houses churches, gardens, the official residence of the president of the Czech Republic and beautiful little streets in an enclosure of nothing more and nothing less than 570×130 metros. Not even the best castles in scotland They surpass it in size! It is the largest castle in the world and for us this is one of the Prague curiosities which you should definitely know before visiting the Czech capital.

6. The Rolling Stones paid for the Prague Castle lighting system

This is surely one of the Prague curiosities What you least expected! Shortly after the Velvet Revolution In 1989, the group did a concert in Prague where they formed a friendship with the country’s president. The group loved the castle and It seemed a shame that it couldn’t be admired at night.

Since the president had much greater concerns in a country that was beginning to be democratic, The Rolling Stones put up around €30,000 for their lighting designer to install the system. Surprisingly, the lights you see today are the original ones that still illuminate the beautiful castle. Without a doubt, one of the best Prague curiosities.

Prague curiositiesPrague curiosities
The Rolling Stones are to blame for the castle being this beautiful at night

7. Unsolved mysteries, one of the curiosities of Prague

Prague is not only known as the City of a Hundred Towers, but also for being a bohemian town full of writers and academics who have discovered one of the Prague curiosities more disturbing. Many of them, even Franz Kafkahave reported feeling tremors and strange sounds in the streets of Prague. Legend has it that in the alleys and loneliest corners of the city ghosts are hiding. Pay attention when you visit the city and then tell us if you felt anything strange.

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8. Architect Frank Gehry’s Dancing House is inspired by two famous dancers

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see these buildings? Whatever it is, it probably didn’t occur to you that it refers to two dancers. Is about Fred Astaire y Ginger Rogerswho made a ton of movies together from the ’30s to 1949.

At the same time, the famous Dancing House also represents communism becoming democracy.was built in the 90s with the collaboration of an American, Gehry, and a Czech, Vlado Milunić.

Prague curiositiesPrague curiosities
The name of the most controversial building in Prague hides a curiosity

9. The Jewish quarter of Prague is preserved because of Hitler’s macabre plan

Of all the Jewish neighborhoods that exist in the world, Prague is the only ghetto that survived the destruction of the Nazis. But this did not happen because of a work of mercy on the part of the Nazis, but because They planned to create the “Exotic Museum of an Extinct Race” after exterminating all the Jews of Europa. Under this cause, Prague was a kind of warehouse where objects from synagogues from other countries were taken.

Nowadays, The Jewish quarter has a moving memorial to the Holocaust. In addition, its cemetery is a must-see, although it will surely leave you very thoughtful. This is one of the saddest and most shocking sights of Prague.

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10. There is a wall with graffiti dedicated to John Lennon, although he was never in Prague

We have reached the end of our list of Prague curiosities and we couldn’t forget to mention John Lennon’s famous wall. The tribute to the artist began after his assassination in 1980, when a corner near Charles Bridge was filled with his portraits, Beatles song lyrics and messages of peace.

On the 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, in November 2014, a group painted the wall white with the message “The wall is over“, but the tourists quickly filled it with color again. The most curious thing is that John Lennon never visited Prague. Today this site is very famous and picturesque, Don’t forget to visit it if you decide to travel to Prague.


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